Lava Bucket 10 – 9/1/11

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Lava Bucket 10 (9/1/11)

– 1.8 in a week?!/Protato_/status/107211616709386240

– “Jeb says notch wants to release the update next week.”

– Jahkob says in 2 or 3 weeks!/JahKob/status/108533046390685696

– Jeb says September 8!/jeb_/statuses/108812676288884736

– The plan right now is to release the “PAX version” of Minecraft ASAP, but there is some crucial work remaining. Sep 8th is a good guess

– This is why Notch is awesome!/notch/status/104582639947759616


I downloaded your game in tpb,deal with that (elhinnn)

@elhinnn I hope you like it. I’d prefer it if you bought it, but I haven’t lost a single dollar from you downloading it. (notch)

– Rivers are in the game!

– They either hit the ocean, or loop back. I know looped rivers don’t make much sense, but it works. ;D (Notch on Twitter)!/notch/status/104201068266795008

– Map of 1.8 world with rivers.

– Notch is adding HUGE oceans and HUGE islands!/notch/status/104235139407675392

– Trying to balance gameplay against scale is interesting. I can do HUGE oceans with HUGE islands very easily and fast now, but it plays bad.

– Bigger islands = bigger biomes. Deserts like to be big.!/notch/status/104235203505029120

– But the bigger the islands are, the bigger the biomes can be. And deserts want to be big.

– DEEP oceans, check.!/notch/status/104239917911117825

– Volcanoes are a possibility?!!/jeb_/status/104479882020524032


will there be volcanoes in the new map generator?

@Adamshadow Wouldn’t surprise me if @notch’s new biome code would support that

– Fence gates are confirmed!!/jeb_/status/104659656399536128

– Gameplay of 1.8 at PAX

(list of stuff shown off in the video in case you don’t feel like watching it all)

– New title screen. No more dirt, now Minecraft screenshot of some sort

– Zombies now drop rotting flesh!/notch/status/108940748753350656


it gives you food, but also poisons you

– Notch says that rain is 1000 times better than before

– Notch is considering adding rain forests, swamps, and probably volcanoes. Notch really wants to add swamps

– Dungeons also include ‘abandoned mineshafts’, complete with broken minecart tracks and wooden tunnel archways to prevent caveins.

– Guy asked if the Nether was getting work, Notch said something that sounded like it was along the lines of “not in 1.8, but soon after, yes”.

– Water damages Endermen

– New particle effect for the bedrock layer, if you break through to the void you now take damage and eventually die

– Notch is thinking of releasing 1.8 in “segments” due to the update having multiple features that need refining.

– Iron bars are in villages, at the smiths

– Ivy can be placed on walls

– Smooth stone and brick stairs

– Smooth stone and brick slabs

– BLUE spiders poison you.

– Blue spiders will be found in abandoned mineshafts

– Blue spider spawner (spiderwebs)

– NPCs give quests

– Worlds may be able to have buildings build in their seeds!/notch/status/108587539828445184

– What he’s talking about:

– List of all new items coming in 1.8


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