Lava Bucket 8 (8/11/11)

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Lava Bucket 8 (8/11/11)

– Bethesda is suing Mojang!

– Scrolls infringes on The Elder Scrolls

– Basically, Bethesda’s lawyers says that Scrolls infringes on The Elder Scrolls trademark.

– Also, EA tried to purchase Mojang.


– Minecraft has sold over 3 million copies

– Players can claim land


– @OskarBurman Because players can claim land and might not want those walls. 😉 But don’t tell anyone yet! (notch)

– @notch [why] can’t you just put a low stone wall around all towns? (OskarBurman)

– Villages have wells.!/jeb_/status/101211332061302784

– Villages/towns will be considered its’ own biome.!/notch/status/101219771936276480

– Biome code is being reworked. Rivers!

– Notch and Jeb talk about town borders

– Town borders will be able to be seen from a distance.!/notch/status/99063620494827520

– Jeb is working on blacksmiths

– Haha my smithy keeps setting the whole village on fire. I need to contain that lava better…!/jeb_/status/101675386190045184