Lava Bucket 6 (7/27/11)

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This week on Lava Bucket, we talk about a new block we’ve all been looking forward to, a death penalty, a quick combat update, food, food, and more food, real bosses, towns and the introduction of a new friend.


– OF COURSE, it was posted RIGHT after we recorded the podcast.

– NOT able to be placed horizontal yet.!/jeb_/status/93620278340485120

Be careful! You lose ALL XP!


– “When you die you lose all levels. You lose all XP”

– Notch is quoted in an interview with PC Gamer saying “I’m a big roguelike fan. It’s really fun. The idea is that you level up really, really fast. You can grind away and level up fast if you want to, or you can just play as normal and level up that way. The longer you play, the bigger the risk of dying becomes. It’s the part that really works. If it feels like it’s too harsh, we might make it half or something like that. But the fact that you lose everything – you lose all your inventory anyways.”

-”I kind of figured out that a really good test of what works or not is when I go back to 1.7.3 – the previous version. If it feels like it’s lacking that feature, if it feels like it should be in there.”


– Hitting a mob while rushing now sends them flying. It’s satisfying, and I’m giggling a bit.!/notch/status/95850815276843008

Food will be stackable!

– “Food will be stackabel everywhere” – Jeb!/jeb_/status/93620181603057664

– Chicken item sprite updated

Bosses are pretty much confirmed.

– “I tend to get influenced by lots of things,” admitted Notch. “The way they [Terreria] handle the boss fights is very interesting. Where you kind of cause the boss to appear so you can kind of battle the boss on your own terms.

“That might end up somehow in Minecraft I guess. Perhaps not the same kind of ritual or whatever, but I really like that idea.”

NEW MOB REVEALED (Revealed on Google+)

– Brightened (


– Officially named Enderman


-I’ve spent a day and a half trying to make town borders look good, and I’m getting very sick of it. Back to combat tweaking for a while!!/notch/statuses/95835440287973378