Lava Bucket 4 (7/13/11)

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– 1.8 Possible release date/time period?
– End of August?
– Notch tweeted “The Minecraft Adventure Update will be playable in our booth at Pax.”

– Google+ -ed:
“Mojang will be at PAX. We’ll have the first playable version of the Adventure Update there, and it will be released to the public once we’ve addressed the feedback we get at PAX.

Yes, this is a marketing thing. 😉 But also, we’re doing some pretty bold changes to the game, and knowing we have the time to just play around with features we might now want to release is pretty liberating. Combat in 1.8, for example, is already way more fun than in 1.7, but it need further tweaking.”

Confirmed in Minecraft 1.8
– 12 new tiles added to terrain.png so far (
– 3 New brick types!
– Bricked Cobblestone (
– Mossy Bricked Cobblestone (
– Cracked Bricked Cobblestone (

– Iron Bars / Chains ( Not 100% confirmed- Used for jail cellsMUSHROOMS- BIG ONES THIS TIMECOMBAT STUFF!“Blocking with RMB while holding a weapon is totally useless unless enemies tell you when they’re about to attack. So I’ll guess we’ll have to add attack animations for all hostile mobs!”- Bow Mechanics- Charge up for shooting.- Awesome!