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Just for LoLz – 102 (8/10/12)

This week we discuss the importance of the Laning Phase and last hitting. We explain some of the laning tactics commonly used by more experienced players. The topic of wards and vision came up, so we discussed some useful placements in order to help you lane safely.

Some Professional teams for you to watch:
Team Solo Mid (TSM)
SK Gaming

Hope you enjoyed this episode of Just for LoLz, see you next week.

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Just for LoLz – 101 (8/3/12)

Jimbo – Moooooookiller

Braley – bKdonKeyKong

Just add us on League if you have any questions that you would want us to talk about on the next episode of J4L.

Also you can email any questions, concerns, or even debate topics to

Hope to see you all next week.

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– 1.8 is out!/jeb_/status/111115064270004224

– Looks grim to get a release out on 8th. We need more testing, one day is not enough. And we never release on fridays… I’ll keep you posted

When is Minecraft Beta 1.8 REALLY out???? A: New best estimate: 12th of September

– Chests are now open when you open them.!/notch/status/109713550209060864

– Ivy can grow down from floating islands…and it looks pretty awesome

– Pigs have snouts

– You can bind any action to a mouse button now, or to a keyboard key!/notch/status/109263476203077633

– Villages only spawn on flat areas!/notch/status/109579720441593857

– Fog-toggle-key has been removed?!/notch/status/109665293047046145!/notch/status/109665779259158528- Fog-toggle-key has been removed?

– Swamp biomes are in! But look kinda boring.!/notch/status/110053393850040320

– NPCs will NOT be in 1.8, but will be including in 1.9

– Arrow damage is based on speed.!/jeb_/status/111055084938469376

– Shooting from above does more damage because of gravity

– Amount of health you lose if all your food is gone!/jeb_/status/111047534318858240

– If the the food bar is empty in MC 1.8, it will slowly drop your health to 5 hearts on easy, to 0.5 hearts on normal, and kill you on hard

– Notch writes about how he likes developing games.
– Mobs now randomly flee if you attack them

– Animal breeding is pushed back to 1.9!/jeb_/status/112166224334553088

– Endermen drop Ender Pearls

– Oceans are friggin huge….really huge

– The food meter goes down wayyy too fast


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Lava Bucket 10 (9/1/11)

– 1.8 in a week?!/Protato_/status/107211616709386240
– “Jeb says notch wants to release the update next week.”

– Jahkob says in 2 or 3 weeks!/JahKob/status/108533046390685696

– Jeb says September 8!/jeb_/statuses/108812676288884736

– The plan right now is to release the “PAX version” of Minecraft ASAP, but there is some crucial work remaining. Sep 8th is a good guess

– This is why Notch is awesome!/notch/status/104582639947759616
@notch I downloaded your game in tpb,deal with that (elhinnn)

@elhinnn I hope you like it. I’d prefer it if you bought it, but I haven’t lost a single dollar from you downloading it. (notch)

– Rivers are in the game!

– They either hit the ocean, or loop back. I know looped rivers don’t make much sense, but it works. ;D (Notch on Twitter)!/notch/status/104201068266795008

– Map of 1.8 world with rivers.

– Notch is adding HUGE oceans and HUGE islands!/notch/status/104235139407675392

– Trying to balance gameplay against scale is interesting. I can do HUGE oceans with HUGE islands very easily and fast now, but it plays bad.

– Bigger islands = bigger biomes. Deserts like to be big.!/notch/status/104235203505029120

– But the bigger the islands are, the bigger the biomes can be. And deserts want to be big.

– DEEP oceans, check.!/notch/status/104239917911117825

– Volcanoes are a possibility?!!/jeb_/status/104479882020524032
@jeb_ will there be volcanoes in the new map generator?

@Adamshadow Wouldn’t surprise me if @notch‘s new biome code would support that

– Fence gates are confirmed!!/jeb_/status/104659656399536128
– Gameplay of 1.8 at PAX
(list of stuff shown off in the video in case you don’t feel like watching it all)

– New title screen. No more dirt, now Minecraft screenshot of some sort

– Zombies now drop rotting flesh!/notch/status/108940748753350656
@KrisEike it gives you food, but also poisons you

– Notch says that rain is 1000 times better than before

– Notch is considering adding rain forests, swamps, and probably volcanoes. Notch really wants to add swamps

– Dungeons also include ‘abandoned mineshafts’, complete with broken minecart tracks and wooden tunnel archways to prevent caveins.

– Guy asked if the Nether was getting work, Notch said something that sounded like it was along the lines of “not in 1.8, but soon after, yes”.

– Water damages Endermen

– New particle effect for the bedrock layer, if you break through to the void you now take damage and eventually die

– Notch is thinking of releasing 1.8 in “segments” due to the update having multiple features that need refining.

– Iron bars are in villages, at the smiths

– Ivy can be placed on walls

– Smooth stone and brick stairs

– Smooth stone and brick slabs

– BLUE spiders poison you.

– Blue spiders will be found in abandoned mineshafts

– Blue spider spawner (spiderwebs)

– NPCs give quests

– Worlds may be able to have buildings build in their seeds!/notch/status/108587539828445184
– What he’s talking about:

– List of all new items coming in 1.8


Bonus, listen to any song while looking at this:


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Lava Bucket 9 (8/17/11)

– Notch challenges Bethesda to Quake 3!

-Minecraft for Android is here! — Only for Xperia Play devices – $7

– Camera in Minecraft Portable Edition?

– Jeb teases villages
– Yep, just a screenshot
– Scalable biome code!

– New drops for zombies!
– Currently they drop a new item, not sure if it’s final though

– Jeb makes changes to some food items

– Nine new crafting recipes added in 1.8 (151 in 1.7.3 — 160 in 1.8)

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Lava Bucket 8 (8/11/11)

– Bethesda is suing Mojang!
– Scrolls infringes on The Elder Scrolls

– Basically, Bethesda’s lawyers says that Scrolls infringes on The Elder Scrolls trademark.

– Also, EA tried to purchase Mojang.

– Minecraft has sold over 3 million copies

– Players can claim land

– @OskarBurman Because players can claim land and might not want those walls. 😉 But don’t tell anyone yet! (notch)

– @notch [why] can’t you just put a low stone wall around all towns? (OskarBurman)

– Villages have wells.!/jeb_/status/101211332061302784

– Villages/towns will be considered its’ own biome.!/notch/status/101219771936276480

– Biome code is being reworked. Rivers!

– Notch and Jeb talk about town borders
– Town borders will be able to be seen from a distance.!/notch/status/99063620494827520

– Jeb is working on blacksmiths

– Haha my smithy keeps setting the whole village on fire. I need to contain that lava better…!/jeb_/status/101675386190045184

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– The Endermen are shy people.!/notch/status/96690003601670145!/notch/status/96690477541228544!/notch/status/96690925354500096

– The Endermen are peaceful. If you look straight at them, they freeze and look at you. When you look away again, they run fast. And teleport.

– They run TOWARDS you, not away. So if you happen to look at one, do not look away.

– (they stop being peaceful if you look straight at them)

– Wearing a pumpkin on your head makes it so you can look at Endermen. (also, possible screenshot of a town?)
– Posted on Reddit

– Minecraft shirts in Battlefield Heroes.
– Yes, it really is a slow news week this week.

– Recap of upcoming features


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Episode 4 will be coming next week!

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Lava Bucket – Episode 2 (6/26/11)