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Up and B – New Podcast!

No way! Something is actually going on? We decided that two years is way too long to go without doing another podcast. Coming soon, Brad and Chris will reunite to talk about the latest in all things gaming! Want the RSS feed? Here! Add it to iTunes! (And here is a link to the FeedBurner page.)

Just 4 LoLz – 102 (8/10/12)

MP3 Podcast Feed  Just for LoLz – 102 (8/10/12) This week we discuss the importance of the Laning Phase and last hitting. We explain some of the laning tactics commonly used by more experienced players. The topic of wards and vision came up, so we discussed some useful placements in order to help you lane

Just 4 LoLz – 101

MP3 Podcast Feed  Just for LoLz – 101 (8/3/12) Jimbo – Moooooookiller Braley – bKdonKeyKong Just add us on League if you have any questions that you would want us to talk about on the next episode of J4L. Also you can email any questions, concerns, or even debate topics to podcast@project-11.com Hope to see
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