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Even though we mentioned a video version, there will not be a video version for this podcast.

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The podcast is back! We took a week off, but here is podcast 6!

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Podcast 5

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This week’s podcast is VERY raw. We kinda ran out of time and rushed the podcast. Anyway, here is the podcast.

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Burnout Paradise

In Burnout Paradise you can unlock many cars in Paradise and also in big surf Island. In big surf island there are eight cars to unlock. When you purchase Big Surf Island You automatically get the Dust Storm put in to your Junk Yard (Garage). If you do a Burning Route for the Dust Storm you will unlock the Dust Storm Super Turbo. With these cars it has green boost so it is great for stunts (green boost means that it is meant for stunts). The Dust Storm is a great car too I am not saying it’s bad but the Dust Storm Super Turbo goes much faster and it does much better stunts like barrel rolls, speed jumps, and drifting. When you are doing stunt runs with friends online I recommend using the Dust Storm Super Turbo or the Annihilator Street Rod. Now how to unlock the Street rod is to complete your Big surf Island License. With the Big Surf Island license you can keep the paradise license but then start fresh on Big Surf Island. The Big Surf Island License is just one license so that means you have to beat all the challenges at Big Surf Island.

**NOTE: Even though it says Jeff wrote this, Matt was the real author of this review.