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We Came as Romans – To Plant A Seed (Review)

"For we are nothing without brotherhood. And brotherhood is nothing without your brothers."

We Came as Romans – To Plant a Seed
Released: November 3, 2009
Genre: Post-Hardcore
Length: 36:31
Label: Equal Vision
Producer: Joey Sturgis
Track By Track:
To Plant a Seed – This is a great way to start off an album, just right away as in-your-face as these guys really get.  They did a really good job at having a melody in a hardcore song.  That doesn’t seem to happen that often these days.  Great breakdowns, chorus, and verses.  Pretty much a perfect song.  The way I interpret the lyrics of this song I think they are trying to send the message that we are not the last generation to live here, that we have many more to come after us to live on this Earth as well.  I am not entirly sure though.  I will give this one a 10/10.

Broken Statues – They used a very cool effect on the drums in this one at the beginning that is a plus.  This is one of the most “catchy” songs on this whole album.  I don’t know why it just kept getting stuck in my head.  Very unique rhythmically, something that you don’t hear to much now-a-days, just pure talent.  Very good flow to this song, I don’t know how to describe it I am just going to give it a 10/10.

Intentions (featuring Tyler “Telle” Smith) – Another song that just gets right into it.  Yet again, very good rhythmically and GREAT flow from screams to clean, this song just flows smoothly from beginning to end.  They wrote another song that seems to be about love/compassion.  I am not quite sure how I interpret this song.  Great breakdown and then a build-up to the end.  AMAZING another 10/10.

Roads That Don’t End and Views That Never Cease – This was the first song I ever heard by them, and it was an instant addiction.  I have not been able to go without listening to these guys for a while.  Another one that seems to be about love/compassion.  Besides that, again the song flows very well, has a lot of quality clean sections and screaming sections.  The whole feeling of the song (instrumentally) changes with the vocals.  GREAT BREAKDOWN, definately the highlight of the song.  Another 10/10 for these guys.

Dreams – This song is actually my ringtone I like it that much.  It has the elements of a really good song.  It starts up with a very intense build-up, then just stays building up throughout the first minute or so.  This is the first song that they incorperate “Gang Vocals” – when the whole band chants a lyric.  It works great in this song, it was the title-track of their EP “Dreams”.  They have some very good lyrics in this song as well, with a good breakdown.  And yet again, another 10/10.

We Are the Reasons – This is another very well written song, has a very good melody at the beginning then goes into a Chorus type riff.  I really like how they keep incorperating the two vocalists that they have.  Always alternating, there isn’t a song that one of them do not sing.  Another pretty good breakdown, still very unique.  I give it another 10/10.

Beliefs – This song has a pretty good progression or flow to it, it seems more of your typical hardcore song, but at the same time isn’t.  A lot of clean vocals for the majority of it.  Very good mix when the screaming does come in though, it really has the same calibar of the rest of the album.  It gets a 10/10.

I Will Not Reap Destruction – AWESOME INTRO, I just love that part of the song, and it just stays with that feeling for the whole song.  It is probably one of my favorite songs on the album.  A good breakdown mixed with good verse riffs and choruses.  It just adds up to a very good song, and it gets a 10/10.

Searching, Seeking, Reaching, Always – This one took a little while to grow on me, but ultimately it did.  And I love this song so much, it isn’t my favorite on the album but is in my top ten favorite songs total now.  A LOT OF CLEAN SINGING.  It just is a very good song, and it gets a 10/10.

An Ever-Growing Wonder – This is a good pick to end the album, get a very “catchy” song and just end an album with it to get people hooked.  I will be the first to tell you, that it worked.  I now can’t stop listening to this album, I haven’t gone 1 week without listening to it, sense I first heard these guys.  Has a very good flow to it, with screaming and clean vocals.  I love it, and it gets a 10/10.

Well, that is We Came as Romans – To Plant a Seed (Album Review).  As a full album it gets a perfect 10/10.   Hope this helped you make a decision on if you were thinking about buying this album.  If not thanks for reading, follow us on twitter for updates and email me any suggestions for an album to review at, bkatula@project-11.com.

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