Video Game Review: Alien Zombie Death (PSP)

When looking at screenshots for Alien Zombie Death, you may think that it’s a Megaman wannabe; a 2d sidescroller with a start and an end to a level. Right off the bat, I want to make it clear that this is not the case. It’s more like a Robotron or Geometry Wars sort of thing; there are about 5-10 horizontal platforms (depending on the level) for you to jump to and basically the whole game is trying to kill as many aliens as you possibly can. I say Aliens because there’s nothing here in the whole game that suggests these things are zombies. I have no idea why “Zombie” is in the title.

Basically, the game is set up like this: there are 14 levels (planets) that you can go to. However, most of these are locked at the beginning and you need to win medals (I think there are like 8 or 10 medals per planet) to unlock these later planets. For most of these medals, it’s basically just “kill as many things as you possibly can”. It’s extremely easy to unlock all of the planets; even if you suck at video games (like me), you will unlock all of the planets within about an hour.  The real challenge here comes from trying to win all the medals on each planet (which starts out pretty easy to do but gets pretty hard by the end) and trying to beat your high score.

Without a doubt, the best part of this game is when things get absolutely hectic. One second you’ll be sitting there with two other guys on screen and the next thing you know you’re completely surrounded by dozens of guys trying to eat your face. This part of the game is really fun. There are three powerups to help you along the way, but these last for about 3 or 5 seconds so they really don’t come into play that much. You’re just going to have to mash the crap out of your square or circle button if you want to stay alive. This game never really seems cheap or anything; enemies won’t spawn directly on you if you’re paying attention. It basically warns you where enemies will spawn ahead of time so you can get away from that area and start shooting towards it. This is the fun kind of challenging, not the “this game cheats” type of challenging.

I touched on this earlier, but the one big drawback that this game has is that it doesn’t really hold your attention and make you want to keep playing. After you’ve played three or four levels, chances are that you’re probably starting to get bored and ready to turn off your PSP. The only real replay value this has is trying to get all the medals, so if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like going back to the same levels just to perfect that level this game isn’t the game for you. This isn’t a game that is a marathon, it’s more of a sprint.

If you’re someone who brings their PSP on the train or bus and just wants to play a short game really quick, Alien Zombie Death is actually the perfect game you’re looking for. But for anyone else, I can only give this a lukewarm recommendation. This is only $4 US, which is a good thing because if it was any more than that I’d probably feel ripped off. There are many PSOne classics for PSP that you can buy for almost as cheap as this that will give you a much deeper experience.

Score: 7/10

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