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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (PSP – Video Game Review)

"1.738 million unit sales of The Force Unleashed across all platforms made it the third best-selling game globally in the third quarter of 2008"

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

By: LucasArts and KROME Studios

I know I haven’t reviewed a game in a while, but I was finishing up playing through this game.  Also I stopped playing this game for 2-3 months after I originally started.  But I’ll just get to the review.

Pros: The game is very fun to play and has decent graphics for the PSP (that is the only version I played I cannot say anything about any other of the platforms it was released on).  In the game you get to pretty much create the “Star Wars” story in your own way and have an impact throughout the game.  You collect these things called “Force Points” as you kill your enemies.  It kind of reminded me of experience from most MMORPGs.  You got to customize your lightsaber and costume, I thought that was pretty cool.

Cons: The story in this game is very short and has a terrible end of the game. (At least on the first time through I don’t know if it is different the second time, you never know).  That was really the only “Con” I noticed.

General Rankings:

Gameplay – Honestly there was a little much loading for my tastes but it didn’t really load to long, it was only a few seconds. 8/10

Story – This was the worst part of the game by far, one of the bottom 10 stories of games that I have ever completed. 2/10

Controls – They weren’t any better or worse than I expected when I first started playing the game. 7/10

Difficulty – Well, it was a little on the easy side, but what can you do about that you can’t make it so difficult that nobody can complete the game.  7/10

Graphics – They were good enough to get the idea of what was going on, and who you were attacking, but the best part is that the graphics in the actual game are the same if not a little bit better than the cutscenes.  8/10

Overall counting Pros and Cons:

This game gets a 8.4/10.


Well there were some other game-modes that I never really got time to play that much of.  Such as “Order 66” From what I played of that, it is pretty much seeing if you can survive 66 waves of Clone Troopers and Jedi.

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