Simyard (Review)

Simyard is an online Baseball Manager Simulator that I started messing around with just over a year ago. For the free portion of the game (Park) you have your own team that you manage through the years.  You can try to find more players, or you could release some that you have.  One thing I really enjoy about this game is the community for the most part is pretty nice.  It isn’t really all that big of a game right now, but it’s nice.  The only real downside for me, is the downtime.  But to almost eliminate the downtime, you can purchase a “Stadium Permit” that allows you to have multiple teams, not all in the park but in leagues such as “Major”, “AAA”, “AA”, “A”, “Rookie”.  And you have all of these other teams that you can manage, now I don’t have a “Stadium Permit”, so I don’t know how the other teams work, but I do know that it gives you more teams.  Now to the actual review.


7/10, they are just images but they get the job done.


7/10, slow but it is really kind of addicting.


10/10, the community is great, they are very helpful when you are trying to figure stuff out.  The mods do a very good job of keeping the chat under control.

So really this game is a pretty good game, it get a 24/30 (8/10).

Sorry about this being such a short review, But it gets the job done, and that is all for this review.  If you have any suggestions email me at  Thanks for reading.


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