Parkway Drive – Deep Blue (2010)

Track By Track:

Samsara – This is just a pretty cool intro to a very cool album, fits perfectly and gets you in the mood for the rest of Parkway Drive’s new album. 8/10

Unrest – This one is pretty heavy, I personally like this song a lot, one of my favorite on this album. It has a pretty good breakdown, as all Parkway songs do. It’s main riff just seems to flow very well into the breakdown. 9/10

Sleepwalker – Another one of the my favorites on this album, it has the same intensity as “Unrest” but, it just is even HEAVIER!!!! I know that they always seem to raise the bar when it comes to Hardcore/Metalcore music with breakdowns and sound. There just aren’t many songs like this one out there, very good. 10/10

Wreckage – Not the best song on this album, but not the worst one either. When I hear of this song I actually get reminded a little of, “Idols and Anchors” from their previous album “Horizons”. But overall it is an okay song. 7/10

Deadweight – EASILY my favorite song on this ENTIRE album, maybe of all time (by Parkway Drive). There is great layering and the riffs are just amazing. 10/10

Alone – A very slow start to a great song, it shows a lot of potential from the beginning, and it really builds up into a good main riff for the song. It is very aggressive, like all of their songs, but they used quite a bit of “clean” guitar in this song and I think it worked. 8/10

Pressures – This is probably my least favorite song on the album, that isn’t saying it is terrible, it is probably the worst one on the album though. Not as creative with the guitar parts, and I don’t think the vocals really mix with them very well, it only works in certain parts. This song still gets your blood flowing, but that isn’t enough. 6/10

Deliver Me – This is a very heavy song, that just makes you want to jump (if you are standing). I don’t know what it is about the song, but it just creates the urge to be physical. It is a GREAT workout song, for that reason mostly. 9/10

Karma – It is a really good sign when a band/artist starts off a song with a really good drum fill. It just makes the whole song so much better. Another song that gets your adrenaline going, I would listen to this song when I’m working out. 9/10

Home is for the Heartless – This song is probably the 2nd or 3rd best song on this entire album, it just really gets stuck in your head I just think it is a highlight of the album. 10/10

Hollow – This is another pretty good song, not great but good. This one wouldn’t be as good of a workout/pump-up song as most of this album would be. But still a good song, 8/10

Leviathan I – “…” That is almost all I can say about this song. This would be a GREAT workout song as well. Another GREAT song on this album, they really put it together on this one. #1 Breakdown on this album, if that’s what you look for in songs. 10/10

Set To Destroy – They start the album off with a short song, they end it with a short song. This one isn’t anything special, except for the vocals, they are pretty good. 7/10

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but that is the whole review. This album overall gets a 8.5/10. If you have any suggestions just email me at,

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