Music Review: The Black Dahlia Murder – Nocturnal

The Black Dahlia Murder
September 18, 2007
Length = 34:59
Melodic Death Metal
The Black Dahlia Murder - Nocturnal
(Track by Track)
1.”Everything Went Black” – 3:17 – (7.5/10)
Good song to start the album consists of some very: well thought out guitar parts, with a solo, great drumming (goes for whole album this drummer is amazing).  The composition of this song, had to take a while to write, the lyrics for what I can comprehend, are about the worlds end coming without warning.  So I give this song a 7.5/10 for the instrumental aspect, also because the music video.
2.”What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse” – 3:50 (10/10)
This song is amazing; it really makes the album jump up in your face, not from a breakdown but by the insane blasts beats of, Shannon Lucas, he really gets your adrenaline pumping just listening to the intense speed of his feet.  The song’s lyrics almost make no sense until you read them, it is about ZOMBIES and that’s pretty much it.  So I give this song a 10 because: Drums (again), Lyrics, Guitar.
3.”Virally Yours” – 3:02 (6.5/10)
This song has more of an IN YOUR FACE kind of sound to it.  I mean I personally don’t prefer when songs are just right in your face at the beginning because then I feel there is no climax or strongest moment in the song.  This is honestly the song I have listened to the least amount of times out of all of the songs on “Nocturnal”.
4.”I Worship Only What You Bleed” – 1:59 (6.5/10)
You would think this song would be more of an interlude by the length, but, I wouldn’t consider it that at all.  I give it a 6.5 because I just like this song.
5.”Nocturnal” – 3:12 (8.5/10)
This song has a very smooth progression throughout the entire song.  The vocal techniques in this song seem a little different then the rest, at parts they double up on vocals to get the Low-High harmony going.  But most Death Metal bands end up doing that to get the gut wrenching sound.  The guitar solo is an intermediate solo in difficulty, doesn’t ruin the song as some solos do. So I give this song an 8.5.
6.”Deathmask Divine” – 3:37 (8/10)
Deathmask Divine, is a good song, with a blazing tempo at points seems as if too fast.  But if your drummer can get a fast beat going along with it.  The flow of the song seems to keep your leg wanting to bounce because you just hear the bass drum and want to see if you can keep up with it. (Doubt it) so I give this song an 8.

7.”Of Darkness Spawned” – 3:22 (8.5/10)
This song has an interesting feel to it, intro has some good harmonies, and the tremolo part is pretty much Black Dahlia in a box.  Some people think this kind of music takes no talent, if so, I would want to hear them sing this song, then play it on drums, then guitar.  If they play it perfectly it really does take no talent, but if not, it takes talent.  (My opinion- it takes a lot of talent). This song gets an 8.5 because their talent.
8.”Climactic Degradation” – 2:39 (9.5/10)
Yet again an example of Shannon Lucas’ greatness behind the drums, with his blazing blast beats and rapid bass drum, playing this would be so insane at say a talent show or battle of the bands, can almost assume you may win for the talent you would have, and the sweat on drummers back.  The songs progression is very smooth, when the tempo changes it has a smooth transition. So I give this song a 9.5.
9.”To a Breathless Oblivion” – 4:57 (7/10)
This song has a very complex tempo pattern, slows down quite a bit right when vocals come in at first then just sky rockets and is off to the races.  I give it a 7 because the instrumental aspect is a little bland, just seems to repeat for most of the song, but through being repetitive, they still get a 7 for this song because the instrumentals being so difficult.
10.”Warborn” – 4:40 (9.5/10)
This song is a pretty good choice to end the album on a good note, most defiantly one of the slower tempos of the album, has a good beat to it, and just flows very well, the song quickly seems to change reality.  The vocals have a very shriek-y type of sound to them, creating an environment that makes the album on repeat just connect from this song to the first song and loop it.  Just seems to continue and you would want to listen to this album over and over again.

Nocturnal is the third album by Melodic Death Metal band The Black Dahlia Murder. Nocturnal was released by Metal Blade on September 18 2007. Nocturnal is the first album to feature new bassist Bart Williams, who replaced Dave Lock, and drummer Shannon Lucas, who replaced previous touring drummer Pierre Langlois. The second track’s name, “What A Horrible Night to Have A Curse”, is taken from the name of the band’s first initial release, which in turn is from Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest. This song is also featured on the soundtrack for the video game Saints Row 2 and as downloadable content for the Rock Band series, where it is widely considered the hardest drums song in the game’s history. The song “Virally Yours” is about a man who gets work at a hospital just to be around the dead. Kristian Wåhlin did the cover art for the album. The end of the song “Nocturnal” features an audio clip from the movie The Monster Squad. The song “Deathmask Divine” appears to be inspired by the story of Carl von Cosel.

**NOTE: Even though it says Jeff wrote this, Brad was the real author.

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