Music Review: Texas In July – I Am

Texas In July – I am


August 11, 2009

Track by Track –

Introduction – I am not even going to review this track, it is only 0:13 so.

It’s Not My First Rodeo – This song, has a really nice mix of melodies and breakdowns and I think it works very well.  Even though this isn’t the best song on the album it is one of the more addicting ones.  9.5/10

Elements – This song reminds me of almost every August Burns Red song in one 3 minute track.  It just sounds really good has some nicely composed riffs.  Of course this is metalcore so, there are going to be breakdowns, and this song has good ones. 9/10

Lancaster – This one just kind of makes me just like this band even more, and early on you hear the double bass, that is pretty good overall.  Even though the vocals are not the greatest, they work for the music and it is actually a really good song.  9.5/10

Hook, Line and Sinner – This is a pretty good song and I like it a lot.  Just the intro to the song is pretty cool, and then the riffs in the song work out perfectly. 9/10

I Am Yours – This one has an acoustic guitar and every Metal album (imo) needs to have one track featuring an acoustic guitar.  I think it just shows an assortment of styles and abilities.  But even though this is an instrumental acoustic song on a Metal album it still sounds pretty good. 9.5/10

Aurora – This songs intro breakdown just makes me crazy.  It is really good and then they go into this really technical riff and it is just amazing if I could give extra points I would.  10/10

Page One – This one is under 2 minutes but it isn’t an instrumental as I originally thought it would be, and  it pretty much is a 2 minute breakdown.  That isn’t really bad but it just isn’t so entertaining. 7/10

Reflections – This one is just really fast and pretty heavy and that is really good to start to round off an album.  They are still using good breakdowns to fill space.  9/10

Satellites – This song is another one of those that just remind me of every single ABR song all in one.  Probably one of the best composed songs on this album it has a lot of techniques and just overall pretty good.  10/10

Father Time – And again a song that really reminds me of ABR, there are a lot of similarities between those two bands, and on the original release this was the last track, and that is a really good way to end the album. 9.5/10

A Fair Fight (Japanese re-release bonus track) – Honestly this was just a re-release of their first demo song, and it really isn’t too bad for a demo but it isn’t very good. 6.5/10

The total was 88.5/100 so an 8.85 got rounded to a 9/10

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