Music Review: Lil Wayne – Rebirth

Not Really Sure What Genre This Is – 2010
Lil Wayne Rebirth

I’m not really a fan of Lil’ Wayne. Before we redesigned this website, I gave his last rap album, Tha Carter III, a 4/10. Today, I’d probably give that album about the same score — there are a few good tracks on there, but most of it is mediocre and some of it is truly awful.

That said, I still don’t hate Wayne as much as some people on the internet do; I think that when he’s under pressure to prove that he’s a good rapper, he does pretty well. For example — before he became the most famous rapper alive (and maybe even the most famous musician alive), I thought some of his stuff was really good. It’s not just his old stuff, either. Just last year, his verse on Swagger Like Us was arguably the best on the whole song…since he shared the stage with some of the most famous rappers today, he had to step his game up for that song (though this doesn’t really explain why his verse on this year’s Forever was as lazy as it was).

When Wayne doesn’t really have anything to prove, he just basically goes in cruise control (a.k.a. he’s lazy) because he knows that his megafans will eat it up anyway and he’ll sell millions of whatever he’s trying to sell. So, until I heard the first single from this album (“Prom Queen”), I didn’t really know what to expect. I couldn’t imagine Lil’ Wayne being a good guitarist and this change of styles didn’t work for Kanye either. But at the same time, he wanted to prove the doubters wrong so there was hope for a decent album. Also, I thought Let It Rock, which was a change of pace for Wayne, was decent enough. Not great by any means, but it was fine for a song designed to get tons of radio plays (which it did).

Then, I heard Prom Queen. I don’t understand who that song appeals to — fans of hard rock for the most part see Lil’ Wayne as nothing more but a joke of a musician, so I hope he wasn’t trying to appeal to them. He wouldn’t convert them even if that song was really good (which it’s not). Then there are the Lil’ Wayne & hip-hop fans — this sounds absolutely nothing like he’s done before, so I only see the most diehard Wayne fans liking that song. That’s nowhere near enough people for this album to be successful.

So, maybe that’s just a bad single right? “Lollipop” wasn’t really a good representation of what the rest of Tha Carter III sounded like, so maybe this is a similar situation. Nope. In fact, it got worse. With “The Price is Wrong“, Lil’ Wayne has made possibly the worst song I’ve ever heard. At least with songs like that Justin Bieber song, it’s so terrible that it’s kinda funny. With this, it’s just painful.

Nothing else on this album is quite as bad as “The Price is Wrong”, but I wouldn’t call any song “good” either. I never thought I’d be wishing Lil’ Wayne would do more songs like Lollipop but after listening to Rebirth, that’s exactly what I’m thinking. This album just sounds like something a group of friends made in their garage without knowing how to play a guitar or even anything about music in general.

Rating: 0.5/10

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