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 Movie Review: Oldboy (2003) – Project-11

Movie Review: Oldboy (2003)

OldboyOldboy – 2003

Back “in the day”, I used to think that Battle Royale was the most messed up movie I’ve ever seen. That day was before I saw Oldboy. This makes Battle Royale look tame. You may not think so during the first hour and a half, but the last half hour…man.

If you aren’t really a fan of violence, stay FAR ****ING AWAY from Oldboy. 99.9% of the time, I don’t mind violence — if anything, it can just make the movie more entertaining. But here, there were a bunch of scenes where I seriously couldn’t even look at the screen for a minute. For example, the dude goes around with a hammer and pulls the teeth out of people with the backside of the hammer. I realize that compared to some other Asian films, this is a little tame — I was planning on watching Audition sometime, but since that is supposed to be even worse than this with the cringe-worthy moments now I’m planning on steering clear of that.

That said, I think I like Oldboy. I still have to wrap my mind around what in the world I just saw. This is definitely the type of movie that you need to see twice (for this, probably three or four times) to truly understand everything that happened. The plot starts out as a guy who wants to get revenge on the people who wrongfully imprisoned him for 15 years, but after that it twists and turns until we get the mind**** at the end of the movie.

Onto the actual production of the film itself. The cinematography in Oldboy is AMAZING. For example, take a look at this fight scene. It’s definitely one of the best-filmed fight scenes I’ve ever seen. It looks like a real-life version of Streets of Rage or something. I’ve never seen anything else that looks quite like that. Also, another great part of the film (as you’ll see in the fight scene) is with the music. The music adds so much to this movie; I really, really like how they integrated it.

So yeah, I think I liked Oldboy a lot. My score here probably won’t be the same score I’ll give it after I watch it for a second time because of just how messed up it is. I watched the dubbed version on Netflix instant watch instead of the subtitle version; next time, I’m definitely gonna go with subtitles since now I understand why so many people hate dubbing. The words not matching up with mouth movements gets really distracting.


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