Movie Review: Dirty Harry (1971)

dirtyharryDirty Harry – 1971

I understand that Dirty Harry is highly influential…guys like Jack Bauer wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Dirty Harry. If I was around when this movie first came out, I’d probably give it a 9.5/10. That said…it doesn’t hold up.

The story of Dirty Harry is this, basically: Harry Callahan is a cop who doesn’t like to take orders and he wants to solve crimes his way. But by today’s standards, Harry doesn’t really seem edgy. And for what was one of the most violent movies of its time, by today’s standards Dirty Harry seems relatively tame.

However, Clint Eastwood is Clint Eastwood…he’s great in basically every movie he does. And this scene is still awesome:

I know I referenced the TV show 24 already, but I’ll do it again. One thing that makes that show so entertaining is that the terrorists (the main ones at least) always look tough and very intelligent. I can’t say the same for Scorpio, Dirty Harry’s antagonist. He’s the wimpiest serial killer I’ve ever seen. He basically does nothing but cry and whine for the whole second half of the movie. I guess that makes him easy to hate, but I would’ve liked to see Dirty Harry try to catch someone who wasn’t such a woman.

So to conclude…Dirty Harry is highly influential and it’s still not a bad movie by any stretch of the imagination. But, when you compare it to modern action movies like The Bourne Identity, this doesn’t even come close.

Score = 5.5/10

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