Movie Review: Avatar (2009)

AvatarAvatar – 2009

Even though Avatar is a flawed movie that doesn’t really live up to the hype, it is still definitely worth seeing.

I think anyone going into Avatar thinking they’re going to get some outstanding story is going to be disappointed with the movie; they story isn’t bad, but it is cliche. It’s a very simple plot with no real twists and you’ve probably seen it all before. The main attraction here are the visuals.

The visuals are outstanding; this is probably the best LOOKING movie I have ever seen. You can see why this cost so much money to make. You can’t even tell that the Na’vi are computer generated, they look and act like (really tall) people who put on costumes. In particular, the effects during the battles in the last 45 minutes of the movie are some of the coolest-looking things you’ll see.

The only three interesting characters in the film

Avatar’s main flaw, in my opinion, is with the characters. Sigourney Weaver did a good job as Grace, and James Cameron saved some of the best lines in the film for Michelle Rodriguez’ character (even though she only had about 5 minutes of screentime). But besides those two, the characters just weren’t very interesting. Sam Worthington does an okay job as Jake, the main character of the film. The colonel guy is one of the most cliched 1-dimensional characters ever, and nobody else is even worth talking about. I didn’t really like the Na’vi either — they were just like Native Americans from (pick any movie with Native Americans in it). They weren’t annoying to the point where you wanted to see them get destroyed, but at the same time they weren’t really interesting either.

So, like I said in the beginning — Avatar isn’t a perfect movie, and there’s no way it should win Best Picture since The Hurt Locker exists. But, it was entertaining (especially in the last hour) and I wouldn’t mind seeing it again one day. That said, I have a feeling that this isn’t something that will age well. Years from now, we’ll see movies with even better effects than this. And when we do, Avatar will basically have nothing that stands out.


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