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 Movie Review: Aliens (1986) – Project-11

Movie Review: Aliens (1986)

aliensAliens – 1986
Sci-Fi / Action

When watching Aliens, I was constantly drawing similarities to Avatar in my head. Maybe the two aren’t as alike as I think they are, maybe it’s all in my head since I recently saw Avatar…but here are some similarities that I noticed:

  1. Both are sci-fi (duh) and deal with humans fighting a different species.
  2. Both are directed by James Cameron
  3. Both have Sigourney Weaver playing a large role
  4. Both start out slow, but the last hour is fantastic
  5. Both look awesome but the story isn’t anything outstanding
  6. Both have Michelle Rodriguez Jennette Goldstein someone playing the “tough latina”…seriously, Jennette Goldstein’s role in Aliens is the same thing as pretty much everything Michelle Rodriguez (from Avatar) has ever done.
  7. Both have mostly crappy characters

Aliens is a completely different movie from its predecessor, Alien. While Alien concentrates more on creating a creepy atmosphere and is basically a horror movie, Aliens is straight-up action. But, it’s unlike most action movies I’ve seen — the whole first hour of Aliens has virtually no action and just sets up the rest of the movie.

The action in this movie is awesome, but it has its fair share of problems. This doesn’t have a deep plot or anything. It’s just humans (good guys) vs Aliens (bad guys). Also, I thought there were only three good characters in the film — Sigourney Weaver’s character, Bill Paxton’s character, and the creepy little girl. Nobody else in the film is developed well. I just watched the movie about an hour ago and I can barely remember anyone else. Someone will die and it’s like nothing happened.

Although it has its problems, Aliens is still an easy movie to recommend because of how awesome the action scenes are.

Score: 8.5/10

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