Killswitch Engage – Alive or Just Breathing

Killswitch Engage – Alive or Just Breathing

Date – May 21 2002

Genre – Melodic Metalcore

Label – Roadrunner Recorders

Producer – Adam Dutkiewicz


Alive or Just Breathing is the second album by American melodic metalcore band Killswitch Engage. The album reached No. 37 on Billboard magazine‘s Heatseekers chart. This is also the final album with vocalist Jesse Leach.

Track By Track:

Numbered Days – This is a pretty heavy song to start off a pretty heavy album, It isn’t as in depth as their songs our now, but it gets the job done.  Pretty well thought out lyrics.  I think Jesse Leach does a pretty good job at have meaning to his lyrics and this song seems like a good example.  This song will get a 8.5/10.

Self Revolution – This song is a real example of Killswitch’s heavier side.  This one probably has one of the best choruses on the album.  It is a really good song that gets stuck in your head and it gets a 9.5/10.

Fixation on the Darkness (Jesse Leach version) – Yes this song got remastered with Howard (their new singer), and yes not the best song, but certainly not the worst.  This one his clean vocals to some may sound like screaming but there is a obvious transition in the vocals, he did a really good job.  It just gets stuck in my head the first time I listened to it, it gets a 8.5/10

My Last Serenade – This one is probably the most popular song off of this album, and pretty well deserved it is really well written.  It starts off with a really soft and soothing acoustic intro into a pretty heavy riff.  This is the song off of the album that they made a music video for, I am not entirely sure if they have any others but, oh well, and this song gets a 9/10.

Life to Lifeless – This one just starts off with a “chug chug” riff, and just stays at that style and it works for this song and the lyrics are pretty good.  This beat just stays in your head with the constant riff throughout the entire song, I mean it really doesn’t change to much, this song gets an 8.5/10.

Just Barely Breathing – This is one of my favorite song on this album, really well written with a progressive build-up.  It builds up into a pretty heavy song as it goes on.  I think it works very well throughout the entire song.  This is probably the longest it takes for the lyrics to start on this album, but the riff in this song is just amazing.  Saying that, I’m giving this song a perfect 10/10

To The Sons of Man – I personally think that this song is a waste of 2 minutes, if you get this album, don’t listen to this song. Every time I listen to this it just isn’t quality work by the band, it seems they just wanted to extend the album another 1:58.  Not worth it in my opinion and saying that I’m giving this a 4/10.

Temple From The Within – Another one on this album that I think is quality work, but I never really listened to this one as much as the others.  I don’t think there is anything else to say about it, so it gets a 8/10.

The Element of One – Earlier I lied, this is my favorite song on the album by far.  It has a really nice progression and just doesn’t stop being great throughout.  This is the best written song on the entire album and shows what potential they had.  It gets a perfect 10/10.

Vide Infra – This is just a pretty fast paced metal song and works well after the last song,  It isn’t as quality but it is better than “To the Sons of Man”.  It works well because it has decent lyric/instrumental compatability (phrase I just made up meaning that they lyrics work with the instrumental concept of a song, if you didn’t understand it).  It has a pretty good breakdown/bridge and this song gets an 8.5/10.

Without a Name – This is just a late introlude, and honestly I have decided that introludes don’t count in the review, so this one doesn’t get a score.

Rise Inside – The bass part at the beginning just says it all, it is just a really heavy song to end a really heavy album, and there really isn’t anything else to say about this one and it gets a 9/10.

That totals to 93.5/110 or 8.5/10.

Well, that’s all for this review, hope you read more and I will put a link to the review of the bonus disc when I write it, if you have any suggestions for an album I should review.

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