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 Beneath The Sky – In Loving Memory (Review) – Project-11

Beneath The Sky – In Loving Memory (Review)

Beneath The Sky

In Loving Memory


Release Date – May 11, 2010

Track By Track:

The Opening – This is one of those tracks just made to open into the next one at the beginning of an album.  It is pretty much just a breakdown.  And for the history of this band, I just assumed that the whole album would be just like this song.  And that would be ok, so it gets a good 8/10.

Sorry I’m Lost – Upon first listening to this song, I just thought that is was mediocre nothing really special.  But as it went on it just shows that they got a lot better since their last album.  Their clean vocalist has shown a lot of improvement. This one as of all their songs has one great breakdown. 9.5/10

Tears, Bones, and Desire -The first time I listened to this song I just got reminded of their older stuff.  And I loved it right away, it just got stuck in my head after one listen.  Pretty good chorus with clean vocals and then just right back into the face-smashing riffs. (haha) This gets a 8.5/10

Terror Starts at Home – This song is just a long breakdown with a good beat that just makes your adrenaline pump.  This one gets a 8/10
A Tale from the Northside – I like this song a lot.  It just sounds really heavy good old Beneath The Sky.  This one gets a 9/10

In Loving Memory – This song seems to have a strong message.  It is the album song.  The clean vocals and screams really work well together how they combined them.  Before this album they could never really do that.  This song gets a 10/10
To Die For – Another song that is just a breakdown with a different drum beat and screaming.  The clean vocals work very well for a chorus for this song.  This song gets a 8/10

Blood and Seperation – This song just is a breakdown (again) after so many songs like this I kinda got bored of listening to this album just seems so repeatitive.  It is just as good as the other songs, but is is almost the exact same thing. 5/10
Static – This song is different it refreshes my mind from just constant breakdowns.  10/10
Embrace/Hidden Track – This doesn’t seem like the same old Beneath The Sky material.  This one is pretty good, 7/10



That is it for this review, if you have any suggestions for another album for me to review just email me at bkatula@project-11.com.  And follow me on twitter to keep up to date with what I am doing at http://www.twitter.com/Brad_Katula


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