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Lava Bucket 7 (8/3/11)

Video Version   Audio Version – ENDERMEN ARE PEACEFUL………ish! – The Endermen are shy people. – http://twitter.com/#!/notch/status/96690003601670145 – https://twitter.com/#!/notch/status/96690477541228544 – https://twitter.com/#!/notch/status/96690925354500096 – The Endermen are peaceful. If you look straight at them, they freeze and look at you. When you look away again, they run fast. And teleport. – They run TOWARDS you, not away.

Lava Bucket 6 (7/27/11)

Video Version:   Audio Version:   Show Notes: Intro: This week on Lava Bucket, we talk about a new block we’ve all been looking forward to, a death penalty, a quick combat update, food, food, and more food, real bosses, towns and the introduction of a new friend. THIN GLASS! – http://i.imgur.com/E7zi6.png – OF COURSE,

Lava Bucket 5 (7/20/11)

Video version:   Audio version: SERVER LIST IN GAME!!!! -Finally coming in 1.8!!!!!   Woooo! – http://i.imgur.com/xKCrT.png – Posted by Notch on Reddit (Link to reddit post) FIVE NEW FOOD ITEMS – http://twitter.com/#!/jeb_/status/93302599230562304 – Screenshot of new food item (chicken): – http://twitter.com/#!/jeb_/status/93330811608240128 MELONS and PUMPKINS – Melons are new, pumpkins can now be planted and grown.

Lava Bucket 4 (7/13/11)

Video Version:   Audio Version:     Show notes: – 1.8 Possible release date/time period? – End of August? – Notch tweeted “The Minecraft Adventure Update will be playable in our booth at Pax.” http://i.imgur.com/rE27v.jpg – Google+ -ed: “Mojang will be at PAX. We’ll have the first playable version of the Adventure Update there, and

Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows (D.R.U.G.S.) – D.R.U.G.S.

"The band was formed in late 2009/early 2010, after Craig Owens was kicked out of Chiodos. The band's members were announced in several YouTube video updates on Craig Owens' official YouTube page.[2] The band's members include vocalist Craig Owens (ex-Chiodos), drummer Aaron Stern (Matchbook Romance), guitarist/vocalist Nick Martin (Underminded), guitarist/vocalist Matt Good (From First to
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