AvatarAvatar – 2009

Even though Avatar is a flawed movie that doesn’t really live up to the hype, it is still definitely worth seeing.

I think anyone going into Avatar thinking they’re going to get some outstanding story is going to be disappointed with the movie; they story isn’t bad, but it is cliche. It’s a very simple plot with no real twists and you’ve probably seen it all before. The main attraction here are the visuals.

The visuals are outstanding; this is probably the best LOOKING movie I have ever seen. You can see why this cost so much money to make. You can’t even tell that the Na’vi are computer generated, they look and act like (really tall) people who put on costumes. In particular, the effects during the battles in the last 45 minutes of the movie are some of the coolest-looking things you’ll see.

The only three interesting characters in the film

Avatar’s main flaw, in my opinion, is with the characters. Sigourney Weaver did a good job as Grace, and James Cameron saved some of the best lines in the film for Michelle Rodriguez’ character (even though she only had about 5 minutes of screentime). But besides those two, the characters just weren’t very interesting. Sam Worthington does an okay job as Jake, the main character of the film. The colonel guy is one of the most cliched 1-dimensional characters ever, and nobody else is even worth talking about. I didn’t really like the Na’vi either — they were just like Native Americans from (pick any movie with Native Americans in it). They weren’t annoying to the point where you wanted to see them get destroyed, but at the same time they weren’t really interesting either.

So, like I said in the beginning — Avatar isn’t a perfect movie, and there’s no way it should win Best Picture since The Hurt Locker exists. But, it was entertaining (especially in the last hour) and I wouldn’t mind seeing it again one day. That said, I have a feeling that this isn’t something that will age well. Years from now, we’ll see movies with even better effects than this. And when we do, Avatar will basically have nothing that stands out.


Pros: Brings an Arena Football game to home consoles once again (Arena Football was released for the XBOX and PS2 a year prior)

Cons: Very Madden-like updates – all rosters, no gameplay; Scoring is too easy; No Franchise Mode

Let me just say, I love football. And, just a few years ago, I was getting into the Arena Football League. So, when I learned that the league had a game based on it (simply titled Arena Football), I had to pick it up. And, a year later, I picked up the sequel, Arena Football: Road to Glory.

Road to Glory was made by EA Sports, and it is easily noticeable. Like its sister game Madden, if you don’t know the players, the games don’t seem to be any different year after year. The Arena games play almost exactly alike. So, Sherdrick Bonner will be on the Chicago Rush in Road to Glory, while Matt D’Orazio quarterbacks the Rush on the original game, but the game stays the same. Just like Madden, my major issue with the game is the lack of legitimate updates.

Another problem with the game is the computer’s ability. Now, while typical arena games would have a final score around 56-52, the game is too easy to score on. When choosing a pass play, you would only have to throw it to a wide receiver running down the sideline. And, while you will throw incompletions, your receiver will most likely catch it every two or three throws. Then, when the computer is playing offense, it is so much easier to stop them and force a field goal attempt. So, instead of having a back-and-forth 48-45 final, you can easily win 52-13.

The game also lacks a Franchise Mode, which severely weakens its replay ability. While EA could have taken Madden’s Franchise (something I wouldn’t mind them taking) and working the AFL around it, all they gave was a Season Mode, only allowing one year of play at a time. So, even though the Fantasy Draft can offer some diversity, having a Sherdrick Bonner-led Rush team going up against a Clint Dolezel-led Dallas Desperado team can only be interesting the first few times. Lacking a Franchise Mode causes the game to be held back.

This game is not meant for casual football fans. Those people would only be able to get through a few games before the differences between the AFL and NFL rules got on their nerves. This game is for the people who watched and cared about the AFL during its existence. The people that know what is going on in the game will get much more enjoyment out of it than those that weren’t viewers of the AFL.

Score = 6.5/10

***NOTE: Even though it says Jeff wrote this, it was actually a review by Steve on our old website. He wrote it.

So, today (and probably through the weekend) I’m going to be moving everything from the old site to here. What makes this interesting is that it looks like I’ll need to make a new blog post for each and every page I move over here. This means that we’re gonna have a crapload of new updates.

I’m sick of hearing this argument…”RAP stands for Retards Attempting Poetry LOL!”, “You can’t spell CRAP without RAP Hahaha I’m original!”…so, I felt like putting that to rest. Just because you can actually understand what rappers are saying (unlike some other genres of music…) doesn’t mean they’re just “talking”.
This is in no order.

  1. Nyle – Let the Beat Build
    This was filmed in one take, including the sound (at 1:59, you can even see Nyle make a mistake). There’s no sampling or anything of the sort; it’s all singing or instruments.
  2. CunninLynguists – Brain Cell
  3. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – They Reminisce Over You (TROY)
  4. DJ Shadow – Midnight in a Perfect World
    Okay, so it isn’t rap…but it is hip-hop. Good luck finding a better instrumental than this in any genre.
  5. A Tribe Called Quest – I Left My Wallet in El Segundo
  6. MF Grimm & MF DOOM – I Hear Voices
  7. Pac Div – Whiplash
  8. Wu-Tang Clan – CREAM
  9. Outkast – BOB
  10. The Roots – Can’t Stop This
  11. Souls of Mischief – 93 ’til Infinity