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 Project-11 News – December 2012 – Project-11

Project-11 News – December 2012

We’ve had some big upgrades to Project-11.com lately!

New Layout

We now have a brand new layout! Our old layout felt a little too crowded. This layout is much easier to navigate, and is less cluttered, especially on the homepage.


Better Focus on Content

We will be making a shift to have a better focus on content. Over the next couple of days, I will be working on adding the video version of podcasts directly on the page. This will work much better than how we had it before. Now you will not have to leave the site just to watch our podcasts.

All Lava Bucket episodes are now embedded onto their episode pages (with the exception of episode 1, because that was audio only).


Cleaned up Links

I’ve went through and cleaned up the links for the major pages. Before page URLs had the weird “*/p?=###” ending, but now they have their page title as an ending. For example, the live stream page is now Project-11.com/live/ and Lava Bucket is now Project-11.com/podcasts/LavaBucket/.


Internet Defense League

We are now part of the Internet Defense League! The “IDL is a loose coalition that shares a commitment to defending the Internet. Members choose on a case-by-case basis to participate in alerts. The views in alerts aren’t always endorsed by all members” (source). You can check out a list of the members of the IDL here.


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