Top 11: Proving That Rap Isn’t Just “Guys Kinda Talking Over a Beat”

I’m sick of hearing this argument…”RAP stands for Retards Attempting Poetry LOL!”, “You can’t spell CRAP without RAP Hahaha I’m original!”…so, I felt like putting that to rest. Just because you can actually understand what rappers are saying (unlike some other genres of music…) doesn’t mean they’re just “talking”.
This is in no order.

  1. Nyle – Let the Beat Build
    This was filmed in one take, including the sound (at 1:59, you can even see Nyle make a mistake). There’s no sampling or anything of the sort; it’s all singing or instruments.
  2. CunninLynguists – Brain Cell
  3. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – They Reminisce Over You (TROY)
  4. DJ Shadow – Midnight in a Perfect World
    Okay, so it isn’t rap…but it is hip-hop. Good luck finding a better instrumental than this in any genre.
  5. A Tribe Called Quest – I Left My Wallet in El Segundo
  6. MF Grimm & MF DOOM – I Hear Voices
  7. Pac Div – Whiplash
  8. Wu-Tang Clan – CREAM
  9. Outkast – BOB
  10. The Roots – Can’t Stop This
  11. Souls of Mischief – 93 ’til Infinity

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