The Boondock Saints

The Boondock Saints – 1999

Of all the movies in the world that have received a cult following, this is the most confusing to me. There are just about no redeeming qualities in The Boondock Saints.

The Boondock Saints seemed like it wanted to be a Tarantino movie (it even copied the “I shot Marvin in the face” scene with the cat scene). If you compare those two scenes, everything about the Pulp Fiction one is better. Travolta and Jackson do a better job acting. The death is more shocking in Pulp Fiction because Marvin was a character who was developed a little bit; you’re introduced to the cat in Boondock Saints just seconds before it dies. And then there’s the writing.

Even though many Tarantino movies are light on plot, he can get away with it since his writing is outstanding. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen writing as bad as the writing in The Boondock Saints. They used cursing as a crutch here; this definitely seems like it catered to the lowest common denominator. If you find pointless cursing funny, then by all means go watch this. You’ll love it. That’s not to say I have someting against cursing — I love Pulp Fiction and The Big Lebowski. In those movies, it’s not used as a crutch and it’s just a little something extra to add to the comedic effect. Here, there would be virtually no dialogue at all if it wasn’t for the cursing.

I’m going to put about as much effort into this paragraph as The Boondock Saints put into character development.

The only reason I gave this a 3 and not lower is because this really isn’t a boring movie — but it definitely isn’t a good one. The plot is weak, the characters are terrible, and the writing is the worst I’ve ever seen. It really just seems like a 12-year-old made this movie filled with things he thought would be “SO COOL”. It’s not a coincidence that Troy Duffy has only made two movies — this and the sequel. He’s not good at filmmaking.


The Black Dahlia Murder
September 18, 2007
Length = 34:59
Melodic Death Metal
The Black Dahlia Murder - Nocturnal
(Track by Track)
1.”Everything Went Black” – 3:17 – (7.5/10)
Good song to start the album consists of some very: well thought out guitar parts, with a solo, great drumming (goes for whole album this drummer is amazing).  The composition of this song, had to take a while to write, the lyrics for what I can comprehend, are about the worlds end coming without warning.  So I give this song a 7.5/10 for the instrumental aspect, also because the music video.
2.”What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse” – 3:50 (10/10)
This song is amazing; it really makes the album jump up in your face, not from a breakdown but by the insane blasts beats of, Shannon Lucas, he really gets your adrenaline pumping just listening to the intense speed of his feet.  The song’s lyrics almost make no sense until you read them, it is about ZOMBIES and that’s pretty much it.  So I give this song a 10 because: Drums (again), Lyrics, Guitar.
3.”Virally Yours” – 3:02 (6.5/10)
This song has more of an IN YOUR FACE kind of sound to it.  I mean I personally don’t prefer when songs are just right in your face at the beginning because then I feel there is no climax or strongest moment in the song.  This is honestly the song I have listened to the least amount of times out of all of the songs on “Nocturnal”.
4.”I Worship Only What You Bleed” – 1:59 (6.5/10)
You would think this song would be more of an interlude by the length, but, I wouldn’t consider it that at all.  I give it a 6.5 because I just like this song.
5.”Nocturnal” – 3:12 (8.5/10)
This song has a very smooth progression throughout the entire song.  The vocal techniques in this song seem a little different then the rest, at parts they double up on vocals to get the Low-High harmony going.  But most Death Metal bands end up doing that to get the gut wrenching sound.  The guitar solo is an intermediate solo in difficulty, doesn’t ruin the song as some solos do. So I give this song an 8.5.
6.”Deathmask Divine” – 3:37 (8/10)
Deathmask Divine, is a good song, with a blazing tempo at points seems as if too fast.  But if your drummer can get a fast beat going along with it.  The flow of the song seems to keep your leg wanting to bounce because you just hear the bass drum and want to see if you can keep up with it. (Doubt it) so I give this song an 8.

7.”Of Darkness Spawned” – 3:22 (8.5/10)
This song has an interesting feel to it, intro has some good harmonies, and the tremolo part is pretty much Black Dahlia in a box.  Some people think this kind of music takes no talent, if so, I would want to hear them sing this song, then play it on drums, then guitar.  If they play it perfectly it really does take no talent, but if not, it takes talent.  (My opinion- it takes a lot of talent). This song gets an 8.5 because their talent.
8.”Climactic Degradation” – 2:39 (9.5/10)
Yet again an example of Shannon Lucas’ greatness behind the drums, with his blazing blast beats and rapid bass drum, playing this would be so insane at say a talent show or battle of the bands, can almost assume you may win for the talent you would have, and the sweat on drummers back.  The songs progression is very smooth, when the tempo changes it has a smooth transition. So I give this song a 9.5.
9.”To a Breathless Oblivion” – 4:57 (7/10)
This song has a very complex tempo pattern, slows down quite a bit right when vocals come in at first then just sky rockets and is off to the races.  I give it a 7 because the instrumental aspect is a little bland, just seems to repeat for most of the song, but through being repetitive, they still get a 7 for this song because the instrumentals being so difficult.
10.”Warborn” – 4:40 (9.5/10)
This song is a pretty good choice to end the album on a good note, most defiantly one of the slower tempos of the album, has a good beat to it, and just flows very well, the song quickly seems to change reality.  The vocals have a very shriek-y type of sound to them, creating an environment that makes the album on repeat just connect from this song to the first song and loop it.  Just seems to continue and you would want to listen to this album over and over again.

Nocturnal is the third album by Melodic Death Metal band The Black Dahlia Murder. Nocturnal was released by Metal Blade on September 18 2007. Nocturnal is the first album to feature new bassist Bart Williams, who replaced Dave Lock, and drummer Shannon Lucas, who replaced previous touring drummer Pierre Langlois. The second track’s name, “What A Horrible Night to Have A Curse”, is taken from the name of the band’s first initial release, which in turn is from Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest. This song is also featured on the soundtrack for the video game Saints Row 2 and as downloadable content for the Rock Band series, where it is widely considered the hardest drums song in the game’s history. The song “Virally Yours” is about a man who gets work at a hospital just to be around the dead. Kristian Wåhlin did the cover art for the album. The end of the song “Nocturnal” features an audio clip from the movie The Monster Squad. The song “Deathmask Divine” appears to be inspired by the story of Carl von Cosel.

**NOTE: Even though it says Jeff wrote this, Brad was the real author.

Rose OnlineWell, as you may know I have been playing this game lately, and got a lvl 100 Raider now. (that is a 2nd job for a Hawker) In all honesty, it is a good game, but the GMs don’t do very much to maintain the community and game. They aren’t very active, and haven’t made a new map for a long time. Before the believed release of a new planet, that I’m not even sure about the release. ROSE stands for, Rush On Seven Episodes, but right now there are 3 maybe 4 episodes (planets). So honestly if you decide to try it, go ahead. This is all purely an opinion, in my opinion this game would get a 6.5/10, not more. The thing about it is that you need to really be in the mood to play it.

**NOTE: Even though it says Jeff wrote this review, Brad actually wrote it.

Not Really Sure What Genre This Is – 2010
Lil Wayne Rebirth

I’m not really a fan of Lil’ Wayne. Before we redesigned this website, I gave his last rap album, Tha Carter III, a 4/10. Today, I’d probably give that album about the same score — there are a few good tracks on there, but most of it is mediocre and some of it is truly awful.

That said, I still don’t hate Wayne as much as some people on the internet do; I think that when he’s under pressure to prove that he’s a good rapper, he does pretty well. For example — before he became the most famous rapper alive (and maybe even the most famous musician alive), I thought some of his stuff was really good. It’s not just his old stuff, either. Just last year, his verse on Swagger Like Us was arguably the best on the whole song…since he shared the stage with some of the most famous rappers today, he had to step his game up for that song (though this doesn’t really explain why his verse on this year’s Forever was as lazy as it was).

When Wayne doesn’t really have anything to prove, he just basically goes in cruise control (a.k.a. he’s lazy) because he knows that his megafans will eat it up anyway and he’ll sell millions of whatever he’s trying to sell. So, until I heard the first single from this album (“Prom Queen”), I didn’t really know what to expect. I couldn’t imagine Lil’ Wayne being a good guitarist and this change of styles didn’t work for Kanye either. But at the same time, he wanted to prove the doubters wrong so there was hope for a decent album. Also, I thought Let It Rock, which was a change of pace for Wayne, was decent enough. Not great by any means, but it was fine for a song designed to get tons of radio plays (which it did).

Then, I heard Prom Queen. I don’t understand who that song appeals to — fans of hard rock for the most part see Lil’ Wayne as nothing more but a joke of a musician, so I hope he wasn’t trying to appeal to them. He wouldn’t convert them even if that song was really good (which it’s not). Then there are the Lil’ Wayne & hip-hop fans — this sounds absolutely nothing like he’s done before, so I only see the most diehard Wayne fans liking that song. That’s nowhere near enough people for this album to be successful.

So, maybe that’s just a bad single right? “Lollipop” wasn’t really a good representation of what the rest of Tha Carter III sounded like, so maybe this is a similar situation. Nope. In fact, it got worse. With “The Price is Wrong“, Lil’ Wayne has made possibly the worst song I’ve ever heard. At least with songs like that Justin Bieber song, it’s so terrible that it’s kinda funny. With this, it’s just painful.

Nothing else on this album is quite as bad as “The Price is Wrong”, but I wouldn’t call any song “good” either. I never thought I’d be wishing Lil’ Wayne would do more songs like Lollipop but after listening to Rebirth, that’s exactly what I’m thinking. This album just sounds like something a group of friends made in their garage without knowing how to play a guitar or even anything about music in general.

Rating: 0.5/10

Coheed & Cambria - Good Apollo

Coheed and Cambria
Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One
Length 71:38
Released September 20, 2005

Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness is the third studio album and rock opera by progressive rock quartet Coheed and Cambria. It was released on September 20, 2005. It is the first disc of the fourth section of a projected tetralogy. On the album In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3, the phrase “My Dearest Apollo I’ll Be Burning Star 4” is written after the lyrics for the song “The Light & The Glass.”

The album begins to resolve the issues of Claudio’s quest to protect the Keywork, and sheds more light on the demise of Coheed and his wife Cambria. Also, it sheds light on the issues of the Monstar virus and Jesse’s involvement in the saga. A graphic novel based upon the entire story of the album was released on the same day. This album, unlike the others, tells the story through the eyes of the writer.

Track by Track

Keeping The Blade –  Well over all this is just an instrumental introduction.  It was well written compared to some other introductions to progressive metal albums.  So I will give it a 7.5/10

Always & Never –   The song seems to be written in a minor scale, and it just gives you that saddened feeling,  the lyrics kind of switch on you towards the end.  It is an all acoustic song with Claudio singing.  Sounds pretty good so I will give it a 8/10

Welcome Home – In the case of this song, I don’t believe this is their best song, don’t get me wrong, it is a very good song.  But most of the time, when a song gets on a game like: Rock Band, or Guitar Hero.  It usually ends up being the only song people know by the artist.  To me that is a dissappointment for these guys, they do a great job at what they do,  and even though this isn’t my personal favorite, I will still give this one a 8/10

Ten Speed(Of God’s Blood & Burial) – The song, has a very catchy intro riff, and progressivly, you might say intensify,  but it is overall a pretty good song, this one is not my favorite but I can listen to it.  So I’ll give it a 7.5/10

Crossing the Frame – Honestly this song is one of those that, the first time you can’t stand, or at least I couldn’t, and after you listen to it a few times, it just keeps growing on you.  I mean now I can stand to listen to this song 10 times in a row without, just wanting to switch the song, and I mean now I have listened to it quite a few times, and I mean I  like this song,  so I am going to give it an 8.5/10

The Writing Writer –  I really never got into this song, I mean there are strong points like the other songs on the album, but I just think a majority of the song is just kinda boring compared to the others.  It is still a good song so I will give it a 7.5/10

Once Upon Your Dead Body – of all the songs on this album, this is the one that is not on my computer, because I honestly don’t like this song very much, I just think it is maybe the worst song on the album. I am going to give this song a 6.5/10

Wake Up – This is the only real acoustic song on this album, Claudio’s voice really fits the acoustic style.  Slow and sustained notes, with a pretty good guitar part in the back.  I mean, any band that goes from Progressive Metal to Acoustic, deserves a 9.5/10

The Suffering – This is my favorite Coheed and Cambria song, it is the one that got me into the band, I mean, it is a prime example of the best of Coheed and Cambria.  I really think this is one of the best, if not THE BEST song they have.  So I am going to give it a 10/10!!!!!

The Lying Lies And Dirty Secrets Of Miss Erica Court
– This was a good song, I mean I listened to it a few times through, and decided that it deserves a good score, just because I think it sounds good.  So I’m going to give it a 9.5/10

Mother May I – The deal with this song, is that you have to let it build up, the beginning does not give it justice, it takes about 2 minutes for the song to really build up to the first chorus, but when it gets there, it is worth it.  So I’m going to give this song 8.5/10

The Willing Well I Fuel for the Feeding End –  I really like this song, it is pretty strange at the start, but everybody has at least one song with a weird intro.  It ends up being a pretty good song, that I can listen to for a while.  So I’ll give it a 9/10

The Willing Well II From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness – This is another pretty good song, seems to  be a little repetitive, but it is well written, and I would most likely give it a solid 8/10

The Willing Well III The Telling Truth – This one is a powerful song, it shows us what Coheed and Cambria could be, and it is another song that is decently long, it’s 7+ minutes.  But it is still a really good song. So 9.5/10

The Willing Well IV The Final Cut – Another 7+ minute song, but this is another great song, and this was a great way to end the album, it could close off the album with a bang, so I will give this a 10/10 no doubt.

I averaged all of the scores, it came out to be a 7.799999999… so i’m just going to round up to an 8/10 for the entire album.

Well that’s is about it, If you read this review and see anything wrong with it, (grammar, spelling, song titles) or if you have any suggestions for music, movies or games for me to review.  Please email me at

**NOTE: Even though it says Jeff wrote this, Brad was the real author of this review.

Burnout Paradise

In Burnout Paradise you can unlock many cars in Paradise and also in big surf Island. In big surf island there are eight cars to unlock. When you purchase Big Surf Island You automatically get the Dust Storm put in to your Junk Yard (Garage). If you do a Burning Route for the Dust Storm you will unlock the Dust Storm Super Turbo. With these cars it has green boost so it is great for stunts (green boost means that it is meant for stunts). The Dust Storm is a great car too I am not saying it’s bad but the Dust Storm Super Turbo goes much faster and it does much better stunts like barrel rolls, speed jumps, and drifting. When you are doing stunt runs with friends online I recommend using the Dust Storm Super Turbo or the Annihilator Street Rod. Now how to unlock the Street rod is to complete your Big surf Island License. With the Big Surf Island license you can keep the paradise license but then start fresh on Big Surf Island. The Big Surf Island License is just one license so that means you have to beat all the challenges at Big Surf Island.

**NOTE: Even though it says Jeff wrote this, Matt was the real author of this review.

Battlefield Heroes

I want to start off by saying that I love(d) Battlefield Heroes. This game was one of my personal favorite shooters in a really long time (since the old Delta Force games). The game was really solid. The gameplay was great, the graphics are really good, and the community used to be one of the best ones you could find. As of about November 30th, of this year (2009), that has changed. The graphics are the only thing that remain the same. On a patch on November 30th, they changed the prices of their in-game weapons, bandages (used to heal yourself if you are low on health or to stop from being poisoned or on fire), and wrenches (used to fix the vehicles in-game). Now instead of paying a reasonable price of Valor Points, an in-game currency, you now have to pay about 10 times the original amount for each item and then when you purchase them, you only have those items for about 1 to 3 days instead of the one week to one month option they had prior. Another way to purchase items in-game is by using something called Battle Funds. Battle Funds are paid for with real money, so if you have extra money you can throw away, you can do so on this game and then become better than just about anyone else in the game. The new weapons are overpowered, the Valor Point prices are ridiculous, and the game is almost unplayable now because of how much they nerfed non-paying players.

If you want to read what other players are saying about this update, please click here. As you can see by reading that, just about all the players are pissed off by the changes that EA has made to the game. At the time of this posting, that thread on the BFH forums is up to 187 pages, and about 95% of the posts are negative.

Conclusion: I really wish I could suggest this game to a newcomer, but as of right now and the way that the Battle Funds are, I cannot suggest this game. It’s a shame really because this game used to be really fun.

**NOTE: Even though it says Jeff wrote this, Chris was the real author of this page.

AvatarAvatar – 2009

Even though Avatar is a flawed movie that doesn’t really live up to the hype, it is still definitely worth seeing.

I think anyone going into Avatar thinking they’re going to get some outstanding story is going to be disappointed with the movie; they story isn’t bad, but it is cliche. It’s a very simple plot with no real twists and you’ve probably seen it all before. The main attraction here are the visuals.

The visuals are outstanding; this is probably the best LOOKING movie I have ever seen. You can see why this cost so much money to make. You can’t even tell that the Na’vi are computer generated, they look and act like (really tall) people who put on costumes. In particular, the effects during the battles in the last 45 minutes of the movie are some of the coolest-looking things you’ll see.

The only three interesting characters in the film

Avatar’s main flaw, in my opinion, is with the characters. Sigourney Weaver did a good job as Grace, and James Cameron saved some of the best lines in the film for Michelle Rodriguez’ character (even though she only had about 5 minutes of screentime). But besides those two, the characters just weren’t very interesting. Sam Worthington does an okay job as Jake, the main character of the film. The colonel guy is one of the most cliched 1-dimensional characters ever, and nobody else is even worth talking about. I didn’t really like the Na’vi either — they were just like Native Americans from (pick any movie with Native Americans in it). They weren’t annoying to the point where you wanted to see them get destroyed, but at the same time they weren’t really interesting either.

So, like I said in the beginning — Avatar isn’t a perfect movie, and there’s no way it should win Best Picture since The Hurt Locker exists. But, it was entertaining (especially in the last hour) and I wouldn’t mind seeing it again one day. That said, I have a feeling that this isn’t something that will age well. Years from now, we’ll see movies with even better effects than this. And when we do, Avatar will basically have nothing that stands out.


Pros: Brings an Arena Football game to home consoles once again (Arena Football was released for the XBOX and PS2 a year prior)

Cons: Very Madden-like updates – all rosters, no gameplay; Scoring is too easy; No Franchise Mode

Let me just say, I love football. And, just a few years ago, I was getting into the Arena Football League. So, when I learned that the league had a game based on it (simply titled Arena Football), I had to pick it up. And, a year later, I picked up the sequel, Arena Football: Road to Glory.

Road to Glory was made by EA Sports, and it is easily noticeable. Like its sister game Madden, if you don’t know the players, the games don’t seem to be any different year after year. The Arena games play almost exactly alike. So, Sherdrick Bonner will be on the Chicago Rush in Road to Glory, while Matt D’Orazio quarterbacks the Rush on the original game, but the game stays the same. Just like Madden, my major issue with the game is the lack of legitimate updates.

Another problem with the game is the computer’s ability. Now, while typical arena games would have a final score around 56-52, the game is too easy to score on. When choosing a pass play, you would only have to throw it to a wide receiver running down the sideline. And, while you will throw incompletions, your receiver will most likely catch it every two or three throws. Then, when the computer is playing offense, it is so much easier to stop them and force a field goal attempt. So, instead of having a back-and-forth 48-45 final, you can easily win 52-13.

The game also lacks a Franchise Mode, which severely weakens its replay ability. While EA could have taken Madden’s Franchise (something I wouldn’t mind them taking) and working the AFL around it, all they gave was a Season Mode, only allowing one year of play at a time. So, even though the Fantasy Draft can offer some diversity, having a Sherdrick Bonner-led Rush team going up against a Clint Dolezel-led Dallas Desperado team can only be interesting the first few times. Lacking a Franchise Mode causes the game to be held back.

This game is not meant for casual football fans. Those people would only be able to get through a few games before the differences between the AFL and NFL rules got on their nerves. This game is for the people who watched and cared about the AFL during its existence. The people that know what is going on in the game will get much more enjoyment out of it than those that weren’t viewers of the AFL.

Score = 6.5/10

***NOTE: Even though it says Jeff wrote this, it was actually a review by Steve on our old website. He wrote it.

So, today (and probably through the weekend) I’m going to be moving everything from the old site to here. What makes this interesting is that it looks like I’ll need to make a new blog post for each and every page I move over here. This means that we’re gonna have a crapload of new updates.