I really wish there were more hip-hop groups like Outkast. So many artists are content with creating a style and just pushing a slight variation of that style through with album after album, but no Outkast album sounds alike. Big Boi’s solo debut continues that trend as he sets out to prove that there are two extremely talented and creative artists in Outkast — it’s not just “Andre 3000 and the other guy”. There are a lot of hip-hop albums I love where I’d be a little hesitant to recommend them to anyone. Sir Lucious Left Foot, on the other hand, has such a unique sound that I’d recommend it to almost anyone regardless of musical taste.

Sir Lucious Left Foot is definitely more of a “standard” rap album than something Andre 3000 would create, but this is still very unique in its own right. This is mostly fast-paced, funk/synth-inspired hip-hop with some great beats that I can’t imagine many other rappers doing justice.

And as for Big Boi’s actual rapping ability on this album? Let me put it this way: if there’s a hip-hop release this year with rapping better than Big Boi’s here, I haven’t heard it. He absolutely rips some tracks apart (such as “Daddy Fat Sax” or “Fo Yo Sorrows“). He plays to every beat with near perfection and it makes the whole ride really enjoyable.

He’s not just spouting nonsense either. When it comes to the lyrics of this album, Big Boi didn’t fall into the typical “rap veteran” cliche of complaining about how terrible things have gotten in hip-hop or how much record labels suck. Most of the time it just feels like he’s having fun and that fun really rubs off on the listener. If you actually listen to what he’s saying on songs like “Fo Yo Sorrows”, it makes the album that much more enjoyable.

The hooks are great too; Big Boi has quite a few guests appear on the album ranging from big names like Gucci Mane and B.o.B to near-unknowns such as Vonnegutt. These appearances make the hooks some of the catchiest I’ve ever heard on a hip-hop album.

On just about all Outkast albums I’m not overly impressed on first listen but then something clicks after the 2nd or 3rd time through. Sir Lucious Left Foot is no exception to that rule; it really seems to get better every time I listen to it. This is an album that is smart, unique, and (most importantly) fun to listen to. I can’t ask for much more from a hip-hop album.

Track By Track:

Samsara – This is just a pretty cool intro to a very cool album, fits perfectly and gets you in the mood for the rest of Parkway Drive’s new album. 8/10

Unrest – This one is pretty heavy, I personally like this song a lot, one of my favorite on this album. It has a pretty good breakdown, as all Parkway songs do. It’s main riff just seems to flow very well into the breakdown. 9/10

Sleepwalker – Another one of the my favorites on this album, it has the same intensity as “Unrest” but, it just is even HEAVIER!!!! I know that they always seem to raise the bar when it comes to Hardcore/Metalcore music with breakdowns and sound. There just aren’t many songs like this one out there, very good. 10/10

Wreckage – Not the best song on this album, but not the worst one either. When I hear of this song I actually get reminded a little of, “Idols and Anchors” from their previous album “Horizons”. But overall it is an okay song. 7/10

Deadweight – EASILY my favorite song on this ENTIRE album, maybe of all time (by Parkway Drive). There is great layering and the riffs are just amazing. 10/10

Alone – A very slow start to a great song, it shows a lot of potential from the beginning, and it really builds up into a good main riff for the song. It is very aggressive, like all of their songs, but they used quite a bit of “clean” guitar in this song and I think it worked. 8/10

Pressures – This is probably my least favorite song on the album, that isn’t saying it is terrible, it is probably the worst one on the album though. Not as creative with the guitar parts, and I don’t think the vocals really mix with them very well, it only works in certain parts. This song still gets your blood flowing, but that isn’t enough. 6/10

Deliver Me – This is a very heavy song, that just makes you want to jump (if you are standing). I don’t know what it is about the song, but it just creates the urge to be physical. It is a GREAT workout song, for that reason mostly. 9/10

Karma – It is a really good sign when a band/artist starts off a song with a really good drum fill. It just makes the whole song so much better. Another song that gets your adrenaline going, I would listen to this song when I’m working out. 9/10

Home is for the Heartless – This song is probably the 2nd or 3rd best song on this entire album, it just really gets stuck in your head I just think it is a highlight of the album. 10/10

Hollow – This is another pretty good song, not great but good. This one wouldn’t be as good of a workout/pump-up song as most of this album would be. But still a good song, 8/10

Leviathan I – “…” That is almost all I can say about this song. This would be a GREAT workout song as well. Another GREAT song on this album, they really put it together on this one. #1 Breakdown on this album, if that’s what you look for in songs. 10/10

Set To Destroy – They start the album off with a short song, they end it with a short song. This one isn’t anything special, except for the vocals, they are pretty good. 7/10

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but that is the whole review. This album overall gets a 8.5/10. If you have any suggestions just email me at, bkatula@project-11.com

Artist – Destroy the Runner

Album – I, Lucifer

Release Date – April 15, 2008

Genre – Progressive Metal

Extra Information – On April 15, 2008, Destroy the Runner released I, Luciver. The album has a more progressive sound, with less screaming than their previous album. It charted in the U.S. on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart at #27 and on the Top Heatseekers chart at #25.

Track by Track –

Mono: Crumbs for the Murder – They start the album with a sort of taste of how they have changed, and I think it is actually for the better.  The guitar riffs are very good as they always are with Destroy the Runner, a great job on clean vocals, I became addicted to this song the first time I listened to it.  10/10

Di: Isabella’s – Another song with an awesome guitar riff throughout the entire song, and it just has this sort of hypnotizing factor that got me hooked after the first time.  It is a great song they show what kind of music they could make.  10/10

Tri: Mr. and Mrs. Cuckoldom – Honestly I think this is one of the weaker songs on the album, but that doesn’t mean it is bad but it is really still a good song, not as much of a hook, but it is still a track that is worth giving a shot. 8/10

Tetra: A Bag of Marbles – And right back to the awesome addicting songs that I love.  It took me no time at all to tell that I would love this song.  I don’t know what they did, but these songs are very addicting and I have been hooked since the first time I’ve listened to them.  10/10

Penta: I, Lucifer – The title track of the album is still just as good, usually the title track is one of my least favorite tracks on the album.  There are some very good guitar riffs and lyrics in this song.  I have been listening to this one a lot lately as well. 10/10

Hexa: It’s Always Cold in Paris – Very different flow to this song.  Kind of a generic type of chorus.  But sometimes generic is the way to go on a song or two in an album.  But it is still a pretty good song.  9/10

Hepta: A Pathetic Psalm – This song kind of has the same feel as their last album.  I didn’t really get hooked on this song.  It is still a very decent song, 7/10.

Octa: Luxuria – They seem to keep going back to the heavier aspects from their last album, this song is much better than the last one, it actually has that hook, that just gets you.  9/10

Ennea: On Falling Leaf – This one starts out with what I would like to say is an attempt of having a metal type feel without going to try and be to heavy, with some pretty bad background screams.  The Clean vocals really help this song out.  8/10

Deca: A Novel of War – This has that sort of aggressive feel at the beginning, and then it calms down to what the rest of the album is really at.  It sounds pretty cool. 9/10

Hendeca: A Mountain So Big, A Question So Small – Such a boring start for the last song on an album, but it all starts to come together as the song progresses.  10/10.

Sorry that this review took so long for me to post.  I have been kind of busy.  But it is up now, and hope you enjoy it,  email me for any suggestions.



Movie Review: The Town (2010)

*warning: Some minor spoilers in this review*

The Town isn’t like some of 2010’s earlier thrillers such as Inception or even Shutter Island. What I mean by this is that there’s nothing in this film that will make you think, “Wow, I’ve never seen something like that before”. The truth is that if you consider yourself a film buff or even if you’re just someone who has seen a few action/heist films, chances are you’ve seen scenes similar to the ones in The Town. This is a relatively straightforward and predictable film.

That’s where my “complaints” end for this movie.

The casting in The Town was near-flawless. I’ve never been much of a Ben Affleck fan, but he does a perfectly fine job in the lead role as Doug MacRay, the leader of a small group of bank robbers who is starting to have second thoughts. The reason he starts having second thoughts is because of Claire (a manager at a bank MacRay’s group robs) — she’s played by Rebecca Hall, who should probably get a Best Supporting Actress nomination (especially since that category is usually pretty weak).

Jeremy Renner plays Jem/James Coughlin, a longtime friend/associate of Doug MacRay’s. Renner’s probably best known for his starring role in The Hurt Locker, where he played a slightly crazy but ultimately respectable soldier. In The Town, Renner plays a total psychopath with just about no redeeming qualities. He gave the best performance in the film, and solidified his spot as my favorite actor today. The Best Supporting Actor Oscar the past 3 years has gone to psychopathic characters (Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men, The Joker in The Dark Knight, and Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds)…I hope that trend continues, because Renner deserves that award for this performance.

Other supporting characters include Jon Hamm (Mad Men‘s Don Draper) playing the lead FBI investigator trying to catch MacRay’s group. Like just about everyone in this film, he does a very good job — Hamm brings some comic relief to the film while making sure he didn’t turn his character into a clown. Chris Cooper, Pete Postlethwaite, and Blake Lively have minor supporting roles and all do a solid job (even Lively, surprisingly).

I don’t want to call this a flat-out action film because it really isn’t; there are only a few action scenes in the whole movie. Still, these action scenes could put most action films to shame. I can’t stress this enough. Every time MacRay’s crew is about to rob somebody, you should expect an incredibly thrilling scene coming up. This is going to sound a tad hyperbolic, but a robbery & chase scene in the middle of the film when MacRay’s crew are all wearing nun masks is one of my favorite scenes from any movie. It really helps confirm just how psycho MacRay’s group is.

Even in the non-action scenes, Affleck is great at creating tension. There’s one scene where Doug and Claire are having lunch when Jem joins them. Because of some information that was revealed a few scenes earlier (and thanks to some camerawork that reminds you of that information), throughout the whole lunch scene I was thinking “Ohhh crap”. This is an intense film.

In addition to all that, the script in this film is very well-written. The dialogue is engaging and just about as entertaining as the action scenes are (especially when Jeremy Renner or Jon Hamm are on-screen). This helps keep the film very well-paced…if the dialogue wasn’t as entertaining as it is, the film would’ve felt like it dragged some in the middle. There was never a minute in The Town where I felt bored.

When you see my score for this film, keep in mind that I’ve rated 300+ movies and have only given 16 a 10. I’m not someone who gives out 10s to any movie I kinda like. That said, whenever this comes out on DVD and I want to watch a fun action or heist film…I have a feeling The Town will usually be my go-to movie. This is the best film Ben Affleck has ever been a part of, and I’m really looking forward to anything he directs in the future.

Does this deserve to be in the discussion of “best movies ever”? Probably not. Still, it is one of my favorite movies ever because of how ridiculously entertaining it is. 10/10

Simyard is an online Baseball Manager Simulator that I started messing around with just over a year ago. For the free portion of the game (Park) you have your own team that you manage through the years.  You can try to find more players, or you could release some that you have.  One thing I really enjoy about this game is the community for the most part is pretty nice.  It isn’t really all that big of a game right now, but it’s nice.  The only real downside for me, is the downtime.  But to almost eliminate the downtime, you can purchase a “Stadium Permit” that allows you to have multiple teams, not all in the park but in leagues such as “Major”, “AAA”, “AA”, “A”, “Rookie”.  And you have all of these other teams that you can manage, now I don’t have a “Stadium Permit”, so I don’t know how the other teams work, but I do know that it gives you more teams.  Now to the actual review.


7/10, they are just images but they get the job done.


7/10, slow but it is really kind of addicting.


10/10, the community is great, they are very helpful when you are trying to figure stuff out.  The mods do a very good job of keeping the chat under control.

So really this game is a pretty good game, it get a 24/30 (8/10).

Sorry about this being such a short review, But it gets the job done, and that is all for this review.  If you have any suggestions email me at bkatula@project-11.com.  Thanks for reading.


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

By: LucasArts and KROME Studios

I know I haven’t reviewed a game in a while, but I was finishing up playing through this game.  Also I stopped playing this game for 2-3 months after I originally started.  But I’ll just get to the review.

Pros: The game is very fun to play and has decent graphics for the PSP (that is the only version I played I cannot say anything about any other of the platforms it was released on).  In the game you get to pretty much create the “Star Wars” story in your own way and have an impact throughout the game.  You collect these things called “Force Points” as you kill your enemies.  It kind of reminded me of experience from most MMORPGs.  You got to customize your lightsaber and costume, I thought that was pretty cool.

Cons: The story in this game is very short and has a terrible end of the game. (At least on the first time through I don’t know if it is different the second time, you never know).  That was really the only “Con” I noticed.

General Rankings:

Gameplay – Honestly there was a little much loading for my tastes but it didn’t really load to long, it was only a few seconds. 8/10

Story – This was the worst part of the game by far, one of the bottom 10 stories of games that I have ever completed. 2/10

Controls – They weren’t any better or worse than I expected when I first started playing the game. 7/10

Difficulty – Well, it was a little on the easy side, but what can you do about that you can’t make it so difficult that nobody can complete the game.  7/10

Graphics – They were good enough to get the idea of what was going on, and who you were attacking, but the best part is that the graphics in the actual game are the same if not a little bit better than the cutscenes.  8/10

Overall counting Pros and Cons:

This game gets a 8.4/10.


Well there were some other game-modes that I never really got time to play that much of.  Such as “Order 66” From what I played of that, it is pretty much seeing if you can survive 66 waves of Clone Troopers and Jedi.

Thanks for reading and if there are any suggestions for any Music/Movies/Games that you would like me to review either message me on twitter, @bkdonkeykong or, just send me an email at bkatula@project-11.com


We Came as Romans – To Plant a Seed
Released: November 3, 2009
Genre: Post-Hardcore
Length: 36:31
Label: Equal Vision
Producer: Joey Sturgis
Track By Track:
To Plant a Seed – This is a great way to start off an album, just right away as in-your-face as these guys really get.  They did a really good job at having a melody in a hardcore song.  That doesn’t seem to happen that often these days.  Great breakdowns, chorus, and verses.  Pretty much a perfect song.  The way I interpret the lyrics of this song I think they are trying to send the message that we are not the last generation to live here, that we have many more to come after us to live on this Earth as well.  I am not entirly sure though.  I will give this one a 10/10.

Broken Statues – They used a very cool effect on the drums in this one at the beginning that is a plus.  This is one of the most “catchy” songs on this whole album.  I don’t know why it just kept getting stuck in my head.  Very unique rhythmically, something that you don’t hear to much now-a-days, just pure talent.  Very good flow to this song, I don’t know how to describe it I am just going to give it a 10/10.

Intentions (featuring Tyler “Telle” Smith) – Another song that just gets right into it.  Yet again, very good rhythmically and GREAT flow from screams to clean, this song just flows smoothly from beginning to end.  They wrote another song that seems to be about love/compassion.  I am not quite sure how I interpret this song.  Great breakdown and then a build-up to the end.  AMAZING another 10/10.

Roads That Don’t End and Views That Never Cease – This was the first song I ever heard by them, and it was an instant addiction.  I have not been able to go without listening to these guys for a while.  Another one that seems to be about love/compassion.  Besides that, again the song flows very well, has a lot of quality clean sections and screaming sections.  The whole feeling of the song (instrumentally) changes with the vocals.  GREAT BREAKDOWN, definately the highlight of the song.  Another 10/10 for these guys.

Dreams – This song is actually my ringtone I like it that much.  It has the elements of a really good song.  It starts up with a very intense build-up, then just stays building up throughout the first minute or so.  This is the first song that they incorperate “Gang Vocals” – when the whole band chants a lyric.  It works great in this song, it was the title-track of their EP “Dreams”.  They have some very good lyrics in this song as well, with a good breakdown.  And yet again, another 10/10.

We Are the Reasons – This is another very well written song, has a very good melody at the beginning then goes into a Chorus type riff.  I really like how they keep incorperating the two vocalists that they have.  Always alternating, there isn’t a song that one of them do not sing.  Another pretty good breakdown, still very unique.  I give it another 10/10.

Beliefs – This song has a pretty good progression or flow to it, it seems more of your typical hardcore song, but at the same time isn’t.  A lot of clean vocals for the majority of it.  Very good mix when the screaming does come in though, it really has the same calibar of the rest of the album.  It gets a 10/10.

I Will Not Reap Destruction – AWESOME INTRO, I just love that part of the song, and it just stays with that feeling for the whole song.  It is probably one of my favorite songs on the album.  A good breakdown mixed with good verse riffs and choruses.  It just adds up to a very good song, and it gets a 10/10.

Searching, Seeking, Reaching, Always – This one took a little while to grow on me, but ultimately it did.  And I love this song so much, it isn’t my favorite on the album but is in my top ten favorite songs total now.  A LOT OF CLEAN SINGING.  It just is a very good song, and it gets a 10/10.

An Ever-Growing Wonder – This is a good pick to end the album, get a very “catchy” song and just end an album with it to get people hooked.  I will be the first to tell you, that it worked.  I now can’t stop listening to this album, I haven’t gone 1 week without listening to it, sense I first heard these guys.  Has a very good flow to it, with screaming and clean vocals.  I love it, and it gets a 10/10.

Well, that is We Came as Romans – To Plant a Seed (Album Review).  As a full album it gets a perfect 10/10.   Hope this helped you make a decision on if you were thinking about buying this album.  If not thanks for reading, follow us on twitter for updates and email me any suggestions for an album to review at, bkatula@project-11.com.

Killswitch Engage – As Daylight Dies


November 21, 2006

Roadrunner Records

Adam Dutkiewicz, Joel Stroetzel

I used to listen to this album non-stop, but then I just kind of slowly stopped, it is one of those on my iPod that if it comes up on shuffle, I will listen to it but I would never choose to just listen to it.

Track by Track:

  1. Daylight Dies – 4:05 – This is one of those songs where it is just almost the same throughout, and for this song it worked pretty well. Usually I am not a fan of things like that, but they wrote this song well.  It gets 9/10.
  2. This Is Absolution – 3:34 – This song is one of my favorites on the album, it is just very fast paced and just kind of pumps me up.  Good song if you use a music playlist during work-outs.  I think this is on my top 5 songs.  It gets 10/10.
  3. The Arms of Sorrow – 3:44 – This one isn’t much of a pump up song, or a average metalcore song. It has more components than the average metalcore band puts into songs.  A lot of clean singing on this one.  It gets 8/10.
  4. Unbroken – 3:08 – This is just a really fast paced and really heavy song.  It really doesn’t calm down either so if you aren’t a fan of that, you might not like this song at all.  It gets 8.5/10.
  5. My Curse – 4:04 – If you have heard of this band before, it is most likely because you played this song on Guitar Hero III:Legends of Rock.  I think that pretty much ruins songs, when a game like Guitar Hero or Rock Band makes it in their game.  Then you just get people that don’t know about any bands but find out about them through a game.  It is still a decent song so it gets 6.5/10.
  6. For You – 4:03 –  Not a bad song, but I’m not really a fan.  It just seems like they have WAY to much going on at once in the introduction.  But if you can make it through that it gets much better.  But they pretty much gave this song a thumbs down by the intro alone.  I usually can’t make it through the first 15 seconds, but when I can I listen to the whole thing.  It gets 7/10
  7. Still Beats Your Name – 3:19 – This is another one of my favorite songs on this album, and it is very well written.  Good mix of cleans and screams, and technique is shown in this song throughout.  It gets a 9/10.
  8. Eye of the Storm – 3:56 – Another pretty good “work-out song” it just kinda gets your heart going and adrenaline pumping.  But besides that it is still a pretty good song.  It gets 9/10.
  9. Break the Silence – 4:32 – This song has one of the coolest intros I have heard in a long time.  But then after that it just isn’t the same caliber.  It quickly turns into a sort of  “chug chug” type of song.  But the mix of styles are pretty good.  The intro and Chorus are probably my favorite parts of this song.  It gets 8/10.
  10. Desperate Times – 4:25 – Another pretty heavy song, but this time it is a lot slower paced, just trying to be heavier than the rest of the album, but it isn’t to heavy.  It isn’t like they abandoned all musicianship that they have just to sound heavy.  They still wrote a good song, it isn’t just one of those waste tracks.  It gets 9/10.
  11. Reject Yourself – 4:45 – This is my one of my favorite songs of all time, it really jumps out at you with the pace of the song, it is really fast but still skilled. (If you know what I mean, couldn’t think of another way to describe).  But it is just amazing if I could give bonus points, I would but without giving bonus points it gets a perfect 10/10.

    Well that is the whole review, this whole album gets an 8.54 (repeating of course).  For any suggestions for another album that you would like me to write a review for, email me at bk89810@gmail.com.    Thanks  -Brad-

The Roots are a really weird band. I don’t say that because their music is all that different than other rap groups, but because I have never seen anyone say “The Roots suck” (though knowing Brad, he’ll probably comment on this saying just that). There are obviously people out there who just can’t get into the music, but even these people seem to always respect what The Roots can do. I’ve never seen another group (hip-hop or otherwise) that gets this type of treatment. Even the “rap is crap” people don’t hate on The Roots because they’re a full band with live instruments. They’re a really consistent band; even their worst albums aren’t really bad, they’re just “bad for The Roots”.

Fortunately, this streak of consistently good albums has continued with the newly-released “How I Got Over”. Unlike most hip-hop albums, How I Got Over is an album in the truest sense of the word. This isn’t just a dozen singles thrown together in a random order; the songs fit together seamlessly as it transitions from one track to another (occasionally with the help of interludes). That said, individual songs can still stand on their own very well (especially the songs in the second half of the album).

Although How I Got Over comes in at a quick and easy 42 minutes, it still almost feels like two completely different albums. The first five or so songs have a downbeat, almost depressing tone to them. One such example is Dear God 2.0, where The Roots’ Black Thought raps about all the struggles and ugliness in the world over a beat that fits the lyrics very well. About halfway through the album comes the actual How I Got Over song, where Black Thought decides to sing. Thankfully this is the only time he sings on the album; the singing works for this song, but I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to hear an album full of his singing because he doesn’t have a particularly good singing voice. After this point, the songs generally have a more upbeat, catchier feeling to them.

Right after “How I Got Over” and the “DillaTude” interlude comes a barrage of really awesome songs. The first of these is “The Day”, featuring rappers Blu & Phonte and singer Patty Crash. Blu is featured on two songs on this album with “Radio Daze” being  the other track he’s on earlier in the album. Even though he’s only on two songs, he almost steals the show (which is saying a lot considering I think Black Thought is one of the best rappers of all-time). I’ve always liked Blu, but I’m not one of those people who thinks his “Below the Heavens” album with producer Exile was the best album of the last decade. Exile’s production left me underwhelmed, but Blu fits The Roots perfectly. Both of Blu’s verses on this album, especially his verse on “The Day”, are two of my favorite verses I’ve heard from this year.

After “The Day” comes the track I was most skeptical about on this album…”Right On” featuring rapper STS and singer Joanna Newsom. Maybe I’ll lose all credibility with the internet (I’m not entirely sure what that means) for saying this, but I usually can’t stand Joanna Newsom. I can’t finish one of her songs without her voice giving me a headache. Luckily, I had no problems whatsoever with “Right On”. This song made me realize that Joanna Newsom is pretty good if you keep her relegated to the chorus, and the weird contrast of her voice with the rapping of Black Thought and STS works better than I was expecting.

After Joanna Newsom comes John Legend with the songs “Doin It Again” and “The Fire” (though his voice is just sampled on Doin’ It Again). Unlike Joanna Newsom, John Legend seemed like he would be a perfect fit for The Roots and he is just that. “The Fire” is probably the catchiest song on this album. I can’t emphasize enough just how great this stretch of “The Day”, “Right On”, “Doin’ It Again”, and “The Fire” is.

After those tracks comes an interlude followed by “Web 20/20” and “Hustla” which feel a little out of place. Hustla is really weird, since the main sample is an autotuned baby crying. I’m not joking (I made sure to include the song at the bottom of this review). It’s not bad and it’s not one of those mainstream autotuned songs by the likes of T-Pain…it’s just kinda strange. I wouldn’t have minded if the album ended after “The Fire” to be honest.

Despite this minor complaint, How I Got Over is still a pretty great album. I’ve pretty much had it on repeat since I got it (as I write this, The Roots have 115 plays in the last week on my LastFM — all of those plays are from this album). Right now this is the front-runner for my album of the year…but with Big Boi set to release his awesome-looking album in a couple weeks, How I Got Over’s “front-runner” status may be short-lived.

Final Score: 8.75/10