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Lava Bucket – Information Post

Lava Bucket was a podcast we produced back in 2011. Views and opinions expressed in these shows do not necessarily reflect the hosts’ current views. Audio RSS Feed (Add to iTunes) (Google Docs Page) Podcast 1 (2/2/11) (Audio Version) Podcast 2 (6/26/11) (Audio Version) Podcast 3 (7/5/11) (Audio Version) Podcast 4 (7/13/11) (Audio Version) Podcast 5

Lava Bucket 9 (8/17/11)

Video version:   Audio version:     Lava Bucket 9 (8/17/11) – Notch challenges Bethesda to Quake 3! – http://notch.tumblr.com/post/9038258448/hey-bethesda-lets-settle-this -Minecraft for Android is here! — Only for Xperia Play devices – $7 – http://twitter.com/#!/jeb_/status/103164030037934080 – Camera in Minecraft Portable Edition? – http://imgur.com/Rh3xk – Jeb teases villages – http://i.imgur.com/omKDJ.png – Yep, just a screenshot –

Lava Bucket 8 (8/11/11)

Video version:   Audio version:     Lava Bucket 8 (8/11/11) – Bethesda is suing Mojang! – http://notch.tumblr.com/post/8519901309/bethesda-are-suing-us-heres-the-full-story – Scrolls infringes on The Elder Scrolls – http://www.pcgamer.com/2011/08/05/bethesda-claim-mojangs-scrolls-infringes-on-skyrim-trademark/ – Basically, Bethesda’s lawyers says that Scrolls infringes on The Elder Scrolls trademark. – Also, EA tried to purchase Mojang. – http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/08/06/ea-looked-to-buy-mojang-no-sale/ — – Minecraft has sold over

Lava Bucket 7 (8/3/11)

Video Version   Audio Version – ENDERMEN ARE PEACEFUL………ish! – The Endermen are shy people. – http://twitter.com/#!/notch/status/96690003601670145 – https://twitter.com/#!/notch/status/96690477541228544 – https://twitter.com/#!/notch/status/96690925354500096 – The Endermen are peaceful. If you look straight at them, they freeze and look at you. When you look away again, they run fast. And teleport. – They run TOWARDS you, not away.

Lava Bucket 6 (7/27/11)

Video Version:   Audio Version:   Show Notes: Intro: This week on Lava Bucket, we talk about a new block we’ve all been looking forward to, a death penalty, a quick combat update, food, food, and more food, real bosses, towns and the introduction of a new friend. THIN GLASS! – http://i.imgur.com/E7zi6.png – OF COURSE,

Lava Bucket 5 (7/20/11)

Video version:   Audio version: SERVER LIST IN GAME!!!! -Finally coming in 1.8!!!!!   Woooo! – http://i.imgur.com/xKCrT.png – Posted by Notch on Reddit (Link to reddit post) FIVE NEW FOOD ITEMS – http://twitter.com/#!/jeb_/status/93302599230562304 – Screenshot of new food item (chicken): – http://twitter.com/#!/jeb_/status/93330811608240128 MELONS and PUMPKINS – Melons are new, pumpkins can now be planted and grown.

Lava Bucket 4 (7/13/11)

Video Version:   Audio Version:     Show notes: – 1.8 Possible release date/time period? – End of August? – Notch tweeted “The Minecraft Adventure Update will be playable in our booth at Pax.” http://i.imgur.com/rE27v.jpg – Google+ -ed: “Mojang will be at PAX. We’ll have the first playable version of the Adventure Update there, and
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