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Top 11 Games (Brad)

Kid Chameleon – This game was released for the Sega Genesis, you start out as just an ordinary kid, who changes characters as your adventure goes on. These characters include: Kid Chameleon, Iron Knight, Red Stealth, Berzerker, Maniaxe, Juggernaut, MicroMax, EyeClops, SkyCutter, Cyclone. 2. Diablo II:Lord of Destruction – Diablo II is a really fun

Top-11: Best Movies From 2000-2009

Unlike the last time I did this, this isn't in any order except alphabetical. Trying to decide which one of these is better than the others is too hard. In any case, at least I know that my list is going to be better than IGN's list. That's the worst list ever.
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