Project-11 Windows 10 App!

Project-11 now has a Windows 10 app! It is available for for download here (or here for the mobile version). It is not on the Windows App Store, so you’ll have to install it manually (instructions to install it).

Game Review: Magic Barrage – Bitferno

Game: Magic Barrage – Bitferno Developer: Gameguyz Release Date: Jan 2015 Price: Freemium Where do I even start with this game? Magic Barrage – Bitferno is a MMORPG created by Gameguyz. The game is technically free, but it uses the same tactics that most mobile games are using.

Lava Bucket – Information Post

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After Hours – Information Post

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Project-11 News – December 2012

We've had some big upgrades to lately! New Layout We now have a brand new layout! Our old layout felt a little too crowded. This layout is much easier to navigate, and is less cluttered, especially on the homepage. Better Focus on Content We will be

Just 4 LoLz – 101

MP3 Podcast Feed  Just for LoLz – 101 (8/3/12) Jimbo – Moooooookiller Braley – bKdonKeyKong Just add us on League if you have any questions that you would want us to talk about on the next episode of J4L. Also you can email any