Project-11 News – December 2012

We’ve had some big upgrades to lately!

New Layout

We now have a brand new layout! Our old layout felt a little too crowded. This layout is much easier to navigate, and is less cluttered, especially on the homepage.


Better Focus on Content

We will be making a shift to have a better focus on content. Over the next couple of days, I will be working on adding the video version of podcasts directly on the page. This will work much better than how we had it before. Now you will not have to leave the site just to watch our podcasts.

All Lava Bucket episodes are now embedded onto their episode pages (with the exception of episode 1, because that was audio only).


Cleaned up Links

I’ve went through and cleaned up the links for the major pages. Before page URLs had the weird “*/p?=###” ending, but now they have their page title as an ending. For example, the live stream page is now and Lava Bucket is now


Internet Defense League

We are now part of the Internet Defense League! The “IDL is a loose coalition that shares a commitment to defending the Internet. Members choose on a case-by-case basis to participate in alerts. The views in alerts aren’t always endorsed by all members” (source). You can check out a list of the members of the IDL here.

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Just 4 LoLz – 102 (8/10/12)

MP3 Podcast Feed 


Just for LoLz – 102 (8/10/12)

This week we discuss the importance of the Laning Phase and last hitting. We explain some of the laning tactics commonly used by more experienced players. The topic of wards and vision came up, so we discussed some useful placements in order to help you lane safely.

Some Professional teams for you to watch:
Team Solo Mid (TSM)
SK Gaming

Hope you enjoyed this episode of Just for LoLz, see you next week.

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Just 4 LoLz – 101

MP3 Podcast Feed 


Just for LoLz – 101 (8/3/12)

Jimbo – Moooooookiller

Braley – bKdonKeyKong

Just add us on League if you have any questions that you would want us to talk about on the next episode of J4L.

Also you can email any questions, concerns, or even debate topics to

Hope to see you all next week.

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Lava Bucket 11 – 9/14/11

Video Version:


Audio Version:


- 1.8 is out


- Looks grim to get a release out on 8th. We need more testing, one day is not enough. And we never release on fridays… I’ll keep you posted

- When is Minecraft Beta 1.8 REALLY out???? A: New best estimate: 12th of September

- Chests are now open when you open them.



- Ivy can grow down from floating islands…and it looks pretty awesome


- Pigs have snouts


- You can bind any action to a mouse button now, or to a keyboard key


- Villages only spawn on flat areas


- Fog-toggle-key has been removed?


-!/notch/status/109665779259158528- Fog-toggle-key has been removed?

- Swamp biomes are in! But look kinda boring.



- NPCs will NOT be in 1.8, but will be including in 1.9


- Arrow damage is based on speed.


- Shooting from above does more damage because of gravity

- Amount of health you lose if all your food is gone


- If the the food bar is empty in MC 1.8, it will slowly drop your health to 5 hearts on easy, to 0.5 hearts on normal, and kill you on hard

– Notch writes about how he likes developing games.
– Mobs now randomly flee if you attack them

– Animal breeding is pushed back to 1.9!/jeb_/status/112166224334553088

– Endermen drop Ender Pearls

– Oceans are friggin huge….really huge

– The food meter goes down wayyy too fast


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